Monday, January 10, 2011

Stupid Spam

I just noticed the bullshit spam messages posted in my chatbox(to the right side)of this article. It is interesting because it has a human touch to it, though probably posted by a bot.

Most of them don't have proper grammar or meaning, and are just meant to lure someone to click on the link which will lead to ad sites probably.

Though I find it very amusing, I wonder whether someone will actually seriously click on those links to read more about the person(:P) who posted it.

The reason why rushed to my blog was a quick increase in site visit via direct link from a particular locality(name to be withheld), as seen in Google Analytics. But this new development was not expected, and I am really happy that someone stepped on my turf with malicious intent.

Building honeypots was once my hobby. I don't do it nowadays. But this unexpected catch caught my attention.

OK. ciao

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