Saturday, January 25, 2014


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The flight was at 4 in the morning. Raghu was used to regular airport trips and never in his 5 years service has he ever had any problems with taking his passengers on time. And naturally he enjoyed a good reputation with all the major customers.

Mohan sir and his grandchildren were the passengers today. The kids were fast asleep and Raghu drove very smoothly so as to not disturb them. The highway was devoid of any traffic or street lights, and he knew that the road up to the airport was like this. Any accident could prove fatal, as there won't be anyone around. He shuddered at the thought as he remembered his son whose first birthday it was today. He had promised his wife that he would be back home before sunrise to arrange everything. His mind was racing as he thought through all the plans. He imagined his son's delight on seeing the toys he has bought for him. Raghu also wanted to look into the eyes of all those who had opposed his inter-caste marriage and who claimed that it would bring bad luck and disaster into the family. He smiled sarcastically at the thought.

He was jerked out of his dream by a gang of bikers racing past too close shouting some obscenities at each other. He had to slow down suddenly and noticed in the rear view mirror that the kids had woken up. He swore silently but kept his pace. He wished the unruly youth to hell and wanted to clobber them up if he caught them later. But he reminded himself that today was too important a day to get involved with such rowdies.

Some distance ahead, he noticed that the entire gang had stopped, that too haphazardly parking their bikes all over the road. As he moved past them, he noticed that one of them had a flat tyre, and this time he couldn't keep his cool.
He unfastened the seat belt, and stuck his head out flashing a finger, swearing loudly at them. But in reply, he got horrified looks instead of irritated ones from the gang. Raghu hardly had time to react before something hard hit his face and he could feel himself rolling. Something small darted from the passenger seat and hit the windscreen with a thud. Something warm oozed onto Raghu's face, as he shivered with fright. The fright didn't last long as darkness entered his head, and the familiar warmth covered him all over.

A deep breath brought in a sharp pain all over. His head hurt and the clean white room came into view, and he could make out his wife with their son. She seemed to have cried for long. He remembered the bearded rider who was shouting something at him when he had stuck his head out to swear at them. Seeing the same guy standing besides his wife sent spasms of rage through him and the darkness re-entered his head and he lost consciousness.

The doctor came running in by then and after a quick examination declared that Raghu was out of danger and he asked the sobbing wife to thank God and mostly the bearded man. "If he wasn't around, Raghu too would have died the ruthless death his passengers died." The memories of the shattered bodies of the old man and his two kids sent shivers down his spine. Too much for a day. Looking at the bewildered face of the rider, the doctor said - "Young man, the tyre couldn't have chosen a better time to get punctured. I don't know if you believe in destiny. But your flat tyre saved this man and his family. Be thankful for that."

Monday, January 20, 2014

regain the step

the pen is drained
the mind is sprained
the leg is draped
and the wings are clipped

I breathe no air
I gasp in despair
there is no fear
but only this nightmare

its a time for patience
and to stare at patients
to be blatant
and to sit as another patient

to bring in the energy
I need to find the synergy
i don't need any swamiji
but I need to regain my chi

the road might be tough
but the roadie is rough
it ain't about being buff
but about regaining the hoof