Wednesday, July 23, 2008

wth is happening...??!!

This is what the entire world is saying...just by the events that unfolded in the last few weeks ....

The largest democracy of the world ....bah...any one who calls himself/herself an Indian should hide their face in shame after what happened.

really....wth was going on ...first the left decides to withdraw support from a govt which is nearing the end of a tenure...then the decision for no-confidence motion...followed by frantic horse trading and proxy wars...amidst frequent verbal attacks between various political 'pump'kins over the media....which was on a rage...every single reporter and crew member running around local politicians and so called experts..having discussions every 10 mins...taking statements from regional politicians who may never have even read anything other than his party's favourite newspaper....maybe not even that...

The same issues about the magic number 272...and how UPA is buying MPs,how others are resisting..blah blah....over and over....for almost a full week...all news channels..24x7...

And the most interesting episode of parliamentary affairs I have ever witnessed in my life(if u watched it..u can connect this to some of the speeches made) was serious heavyweight boxing....with lots of tantrums and action...

As my friend Neelan has mentioned in his blog...this was the most entertaining content for those 2 days...I feel really sorry for those who missed it...(check youtube..u might find it)...the angry and disgusted opposition...putting up lots of tricks and accusations...with most of em being countered well by senior UPA politicians with tact and slight humour...I really appreciate the work of Speaker Mr.Somnath Chatterjee on impartially heading this crucial the cost of his part membership.His comments and style..made the entire drama more interesting..

And lo...what was happening on the second day....notes being brought to the Parliament of the Republic of India..MPs accused of corruption..sheesh..truely a day all Indians will remember forever with shame..whether or not we get energy security...and ya at the end..the govt survives...and now the opposition has expelled almost all of their members !!They now plan countrywide protest...wat for...because they cudnt win..and have to do something...bah...

Summarizing...3 bad things happened...first,the nation's political integrity has become highly questionable and bloated...second,a potentially dangerous deal went thru the highest seat of democracy..with money power(in case any of the readers doubt my ideas...I wud suggest u to check up news and info on deals around the world where US interests were at stake....u can take any time period from the cold war era to present age...either money ,force or both..has always ensured that the US had their path cleared)....3rd...a great parliamentarian i.e Somnath Chatterjee expelled from the Communist Party for doing his duties to the house and the country...maybe the communists forget that the country and duty to it comes before their stupid party rules...shame on them...shame on me...simply blogging about it and cursing them...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Deep into the madding crowd

This happened at the Ernakulam South railway station.I had gone to pickup my parents who were returning from the native place by train.I reached 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

I was simply enjoying the nice weather and standing at the front of the station,some distance away from the entrance.
Then I noticed some recognizable face in the crowd that was was Sony senior in college who has joined Yahoo! at Bangalore.I wondered why he was there,but I couldn't meet him as he quickly disappeared into the crowd.I was thinking of that,when I saw two more seniors whom I knew closely,walk into the crowd,carrying luggage.

Now I was really intrigued on what was happening.Then came the announcement from the station :"Train number xx334y going from XXYYY-Bangalore is on platform number 1"!Now I understood why all of them were present there.I was thinking how funny it might be if more ex-MECians turned up ,just to go to Bangalore.
That's exactly when I saw more and more faces...I counted upto 20-30 ex-MECians coming in from various directions and modes of transport..all running for the same the same destination...Bengalaru...

All this time,I was standing there,watching all these seniors pass by...I was struck by the idea of an entire batch of a college working at the same place...and in many cases,the same company...some knew the existence of others....some unfortunately didn't.
As my final year in College is starting up,I wonder what I might be doing next year...maybe running like this into the madding crowd...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Memoirs of a lost civilization

The beautiful red sun that lit the sky is no more.Dark clouds,as dark as the Xenorians clung to the moist air....
It burnt their eyes and souls alike,but the last few survivors of Storbia still stared at the dark sky,as if waiting for some miracle to occur and save them from doom.I had no emotions watching people die of suffocation and the deadly Aphestaxix.30 long years of battle has left me emotionless....and helpless in this case...

I still remember the day the Xenorian swarm landed on the shores of Entripaga.If Zomanga had heeded to the advice of the Science Guild....we could have fought off the swarm for a longer period of even Stevens is no more...he was the motivation of all the natives...

They have virtually destroyed every sign of biological life on the archipelago,rendering us useless and obsolete.There aren't enough supplies to survive for more than 2 weeks,let alone make an assault.The last time such an effort was made,only two off fifty Royal Militia men returned to we just sit here...haphazardly living..... awaiting complete biological degradation ....



i miss Nancy and the kids.....

~~~Excerpts from the diary of Captain Demoran,2nd Storbian Regiment
~~~Dated 2200 AD

PS:He was one of the last survivors of the legendary Storbian civilization.His diary was preserved in the snow and retrieved 50 years ago by a team of explorers.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Life in 2500 AD

I was woken up from my alpha slumber by Mito-3 at exactly 10.30 ZIT.The ZIT,introduced in the late 22nd century is still in use in this part of the world.
I faintly recalled the details of the TIME project that I had joined yesterday.It has only been 5 moons since I had graduated as a system design engineer from the Alpha Technology Institute,a premier institute for research and design.My skills in recreating thought patterns accurately on any system were rewarded with a work at the dream project.

The project was started off by Captain Vikram 10 suns ago,aimed at recreating the story of ancient mankind which officially ended in a thermonuclear war which spanned 2 centuries.My work would be to identify and recreate stories and events of those times.I don't have much idea about how to go about with this.I expect to be briefed today by none other than the Captain himself.

He was my hero and role model from the very beginning of my Advanced Scientific Research Training,5 suns ago.Now that I have joined my dream project,I can meet him face-to-face.What an exhilarating experience it would be.I can't wait to get ready for the meeting today.

Enough of this banter,I should check Dreamfix for any ideas.I should have spawned something interesting in today's sleep.After all,yesterday was one of the most important day of my life(flick the button on Dreamfix...whhrr...this is a recorded have 15 unprocessed dreams A to process all..B for interactive...).I press A and move to the Mind-pod.
It is one of my favourite inventions,and also the one which fetched me enough appreciation from the council and a lot of publicity.In a way,it led to me being selected for TIME.

I activated the device from its hibernate mode.The Health-monitor displayed 'fair'.Hm..I would need some bio-chip shots today.The last one was taken 1 moon ago.Everything else seemed normal.The total number of users for this machine has become over a hundred,that is about 30% of total human population on Mars.No wonder,I get so many mails talking about enhancements and compliments.

My thoughts about Captain Vikram and the TIME project was detected by the device and it started displaying various news casts,articles,thoughts,dialogues and other information related to them and available on the public information highway.The 360 degree display made of organic carbon nanotubes is such a wonderful creation.Though a tad expensive compared to other displays,natural display suits me the best.I blindly filled in some precautionary checks against diseases on the screen.No one knows how or why diseases used to affect ancient man.So this effective system monitors cell life and administers special pills by itself.

By the time I finished reading the mails and articles,the Dreamfix outputs were ready.I went through them...most of were based on my future in the project.I would be travelling around researching about the mysterious minds of the ancient man.Then I could recreate the sequence of events that led to its downfall.Few of them were about Captain Vikram.

It is almost 11.I took my diet pills ,one red and two blue...enough for a hectic day.I should be going now..the asimov craft leaves in a couple of zeons...I shouldn't miss there is only this one mode of transport to System B from Andromeda..especially because I am the only living being here...bye...hope to see you soon

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Experiments continue

I am testing a few new styles in blogging from my part.It seems I can't create content that I see in many blogs even if I frame it in my mind.So,beta testing (even alpha) of stuff might be seen here.Its the same strategy that google uses.
In order to map my chaotic mind more deeply to the readers I am planning to mark thoughts in italics.That's just one of it.Why map your chaotic mind..want to hurt people or yourself?Hehe,the site is nothing but an experiment,contains nothing that might be done with a proper goal or aim for me,but just a virtual place for another set of experiments.

The topic I intend to talk about here is the distinction between martial arts as a method of defense and a form of art.Most of the readers might be aware of the flashy martial arts moves that almost every movie now sports.There are also those exotic ones that you see in the movies of local origin(East Asia mainly).Though it might be breathtaking or even cheesy,the stunts they put up deserve no more credit than a piece of orchestrated ballet.
It is meant only for amusement,and never is it advisable to try those moves in real-life battles.It would only end up in an 'uncomfortable' situation.As expert martial artists point out,the flashy kicks and blocks performed in the movies(forget the bigger stunts) would,in real life provide advantage to your opponent to beat you up.

For martial arts,there are a huge variety of forms and techniques.Most of the self-defense based moves that are taught in many schools around the world are meant for quick blocks and instant disarming.These are like crash courses that are taught to allow a person to defend himself or a group from one or more assailants(armed or unarmed) of any age or size.I must emphasize the word 'defense' as usually in the worst case,it just gives you a minute or two to escape.Most of the people expect martial artists to beat up goons or even their rivals on the fly.

Not only do most of the martial arts schools(common ones) emphasize the point that these arts are 'strictly for self-defense',but also the moves taught are seldom offensive.Kids who imagine but never actually train in martial arts end up taking risks,leading to serious injuries at times.

Though this is the case,experts also say that martial arts is not just about fighting or defending.It has an artistic style to it and also quite a lot of philosophical part.But they say,its best left to the experts to choose.

What is the point of entire post?I am just sharing a thought.Adios