Saturday, July 05, 2008

Life in 2500 AD

I was woken up from my alpha slumber by Mito-3 at exactly 10.30 ZIT.The ZIT,introduced in the late 22nd century is still in use in this part of the world.
I faintly recalled the details of the TIME project that I had joined yesterday.It has only been 5 moons since I had graduated as a system design engineer from the Alpha Technology Institute,a premier institute for research and design.My skills in recreating thought patterns accurately on any system were rewarded with a work at the dream project.

The project was started off by Captain Vikram 10 suns ago,aimed at recreating the story of ancient mankind which officially ended in a thermonuclear war which spanned 2 centuries.My work would be to identify and recreate stories and events of those times.I don't have much idea about how to go about with this.I expect to be briefed today by none other than the Captain himself.

He was my hero and role model from the very beginning of my Advanced Scientific Research Training,5 suns ago.Now that I have joined my dream project,I can meet him face-to-face.What an exhilarating experience it would be.I can't wait to get ready for the meeting today.

Enough of this banter,I should check Dreamfix for any ideas.I should have spawned something interesting in today's sleep.After all,yesterday was one of the most important day of my life(flick the button on Dreamfix...whhrr...this is a recorded have 15 unprocessed dreams A to process all..B for interactive...).I press A and move to the Mind-pod.
It is one of my favourite inventions,and also the one which fetched me enough appreciation from the council and a lot of publicity.In a way,it led to me being selected for TIME.

I activated the device from its hibernate mode.The Health-monitor displayed 'fair'.Hm..I would need some bio-chip shots today.The last one was taken 1 moon ago.Everything else seemed normal.The total number of users for this machine has become over a hundred,that is about 30% of total human population on Mars.No wonder,I get so many mails talking about enhancements and compliments.

My thoughts about Captain Vikram and the TIME project was detected by the device and it started displaying various news casts,articles,thoughts,dialogues and other information related to them and available on the public information highway.The 360 degree display made of organic carbon nanotubes is such a wonderful creation.Though a tad expensive compared to other displays,natural display suits me the best.I blindly filled in some precautionary checks against diseases on the screen.No one knows how or why diseases used to affect ancient man.So this effective system monitors cell life and administers special pills by itself.

By the time I finished reading the mails and articles,the Dreamfix outputs were ready.I went through them...most of were based on my future in the project.I would be travelling around researching about the mysterious minds of the ancient man.Then I could recreate the sequence of events that led to its downfall.Few of them were about Captain Vikram.

It is almost 11.I took my diet pills ,one red and two blue...enough for a hectic day.I should be going now..the asimov craft leaves in a couple of zeons...I shouldn't miss there is only this one mode of transport to System B from Andromeda..especially because I am the only living being here...bye...hope to see you soon


  1. thats thinking too far :) a good fantasy too :D
    the next Steven Spielberg eh??? :D

  2. it looked like a science fiction...
    gr8 imaginations....

  3. yes..its simply a fiction that came to my mind,while thinking about my seminar topics.
    The gizmos I introduced are the working model of my topics...the rest of the story is built around it...

  4. now this script needs a good producer ;)

  5. well why not produce under the banner of lunatics inc or something... :)