Wednesday, July 23, 2008

wth is happening...??!!

This is what the entire world is saying...just by the events that unfolded in the last few weeks ....

The largest democracy of the world ....bah...any one who calls himself/herself an Indian should hide their face in shame after what happened.

really....wth was going on ...first the left decides to withdraw support from a govt which is nearing the end of a tenure...then the decision for no-confidence motion...followed by frantic horse trading and proxy wars...amidst frequent verbal attacks between various political 'pump'kins over the media....which was on a rage...every single reporter and crew member running around local politicians and so called experts..having discussions every 10 mins...taking statements from regional politicians who may never have even read anything other than his party's favourite newspaper....maybe not even that...

The same issues about the magic number 272...and how UPA is buying MPs,how others are resisting..blah blah....over and over....for almost a full week...all news channels..24x7...

And the most interesting episode of parliamentary affairs I have ever witnessed in my life(if u watched it..u can connect this to some of the speeches made) was serious heavyweight boxing....with lots of tantrums and action...

As my friend Neelan has mentioned in his blog...this was the most entertaining content for those 2 days...I feel really sorry for those who missed it...(check youtube..u might find it)...the angry and disgusted opposition...putting up lots of tricks and accusations...with most of em being countered well by senior UPA politicians with tact and slight humour...I really appreciate the work of Speaker Mr.Somnath Chatterjee on impartially heading this crucial the cost of his part membership.His comments and style..made the entire drama more interesting..

And lo...what was happening on the second day....notes being brought to the Parliament of the Republic of India..MPs accused of corruption..sheesh..truely a day all Indians will remember forever with shame..whether or not we get energy security...and ya at the end..the govt survives...and now the opposition has expelled almost all of their members !!They now plan countrywide protest...wat for...because they cudnt win..and have to do something...bah...

Summarizing...3 bad things happened...first,the nation's political integrity has become highly questionable and bloated...second,a potentially dangerous deal went thru the highest seat of democracy..with money power(in case any of the readers doubt my ideas...I wud suggest u to check up news and info on deals around the world where US interests were at stake....u can take any time period from the cold war era to present age...either money ,force or both..has always ensured that the US had their path cleared)....3rd...a great parliamentarian i.e Somnath Chatterjee expelled from the Communist Party for doing his duties to the house and the country...maybe the communists forget that the country and duty to it comes before their stupid party rules...shame on them...shame on me...simply blogging about it and cursing them...


  1. arigato gozaimas 4 the referral :)

  2. arigato gozaimasu!

    4 the referral and the mention !
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  3. as u said the week was totally made of political schemings and money changing hands. During all these we saw a face of Indian politics thats not always visible but still very mush exists.
    some good things and some bad things happened but the democracy was dealt with a big blow. Good post. :)