Saturday, May 04, 2013

energy to transform your life

omg I have so much energy stored in me. this is exactly the same feeling I get after a workout.

I always wonder how the lazy me could be transformed into this high energy machine after a few key exercises. Also during my recent high endurance bike rides, I was finding out hidden pots of energy when I seem to be at the end of my energy. So now each endurance activity is not just a long drawn affair and hence can't even be judged ahead of time as well. It all depends on the level of dedication, concentration and the push you give at the critical point when one level gets dried up.

And now my point is not to talk about some superhuman strength of mine. I have enough bandwidth inside me and my friend circle to boast about that. But my point is that I just start wondering whether the other lazy people around me would feel the same way if only they dared or rather cared just enough to get it started. I had seen many people recently who might be sulking and sitting lazily for a large portion of their lives, but at some point turned to some sort of activity(gym,playing some sports, trek,cycling,swimming etc) and turn into bloody addicts. Also their overall energy in life seems to go to a very high peak. Then I start seeing the signs of what I spoke of in the first paragraph.

This makes me realize that most people around us have the starting trouble and inertia for workouts or any kind of physical activity. I am talking mostly of people I have contact with i.e people in the technology field, the young and middle aged ones. Also to note are people in family and people in neighbourhood. The biggest problem in that these people who have fallen into this pit, simply refuse to acknowledge the fact. Unless they start the first bit, no one is going to help  them out. Many people even worry that others would laugh at them if they go for workouts. But they just have to think a bit more about what would happen if they don't. Then it will be life laughing at them!
Responsibility and natural need to do some work in their day to day lives make most of our parents and old people in the family very active. I have always wondered at the energy with which my grandfather used to perform the daily rituals,walk any distance in a day how many ever time he felt like without grumbling even once, and doing insane acts of labour. And I am talking about the time when he was 70+. Even the womenfolk amaze me with the amount of energy they spend in the kitchen and to take care of hundreds of things in the household. Almost all 70+ women in my family fall into this category even now!

I see people driven by passion and interest in doing things, just doing it inspite of disabilities and health problems. And remember, I am not talking about forced actions, but purely voluntary. And they find time to pursue hobbies that require lots of energy in between tight schedules of life as well. I have always respected people with the energy and who are in control of it.

All this makes me only want to keep the energy levels up, not just for me , but for the people around me as well. Because I believe energy is what makes us alive. To think broadly, to understand, to sense, to talk, to walk, to see, to love and to live, you need energy, and whatever you get, don't waste it on negative things like anger,greed,jealousy, laziness etc.

I remember couple of slokas I learnt in school and can fully relate to them now. 

Nidra tandra bhayam krodha a’lasyam diirghasutrata;
Sadadosah puruseneha hantavya’h bhutimicchata’.

It means that men have 6 grave mistakes or Doshas that can ruin their entire life irrespective of anything. They are Slumber, Drowsiness, Fear, Anger, Laziness and Procrastination. Get rid of those to gain full prosperity.

[didn't get the slokas sloka searching ability is bad]

but the meaning was that if it wishes to, even an ant can cover thousands of miles, but if he doesn't wish to, even the very powerful Garuda can't move an inch. It sort of summarizes the significance of will power to makes things right for yourselves in your life.

adios amigos.. Live Life.. King Size.


  1. good one. liked the sloka at the end.

    Found it to be true that people who cycle to office are more energetic than other guys!