Tuesday, July 08, 2014

this is fashion

when Pretty Preeti came to school,
wearing a pretty short dress,
and she looked awesome
they said this is fashion

All my friends bought the same
and I was told
"you should try it too,
because this is fashion"

When I showed it to mom
she said
"Sweetie, its too short,
but then its the fashion"

Next day when I wore it to school,
I could feel the eyes of boys on me
but then I told myself
"its the fashion"

When the news broke that
some school girls were eve-teased
I heard someone say
"its the fashion"

The poem has been written from the perspective of teenage girl who grapples through the conundrum of fashion in a society that glorifies and condemns with equal villainy.

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  1. Nice poem.. I get what you mean but a small part of me cannot agree to the part where you imply that wearing a short dress will invite ogling and you shouldn't complain.

    1. well.. it says "I heard someone say". its the girl's reflection of the same society viewing this in the negative light. never the poet's words. poor me :)