Thursday, May 01, 2008

Boring holidays

Phew finally sixth semester exams over...lasted one full horrible month.
Now I am damn bored.Nothing much to do.This was last month's net activity,the dips being exam days and when finally bandwidth became low.

I just have to work of putting downloads at 2 am,now that too automated,so no reasons to stay awake till 2.Still have to wake up at odd hours to put some downloads that can't be scheduled.
Ok,so I can keep myself busy from about 8.30 pm to morning 10 am.

Also,just check out this screenshot.Not much going on online.Orkut has become damn boring.Mail checking involves deleting a few spams daily and checking some odd mails.

Also not many games to play or movies to watch.I have some movies remaining to be seen,but not feeling to sit and watch them.Only thing that I watch daily is the two episodes of Naruto that I download each day.Hm...blogging is an option...but then I am on a power saving mode...minimal use of electricity and other resources.May even consider gardening or some sports(badminton today).

The IPL is also growing boring,except few matches.Looking forward to going to movies and long distance tours to kill the boredom.Also hope to learn a few things,technical and non-technical.Cya soon...

Technical Accomplishment contd.

Finally came the last week of the project.Ours and few others were at the end of our project.Only few things here and there left.

It was hectic..everyone running around speaking Greek and bringing up topics from all technical fields.Hardware,networking,programming syntax,terminology,what not....!!!
Soon after the internal exams,the heat was on......

The Project centre was Abhay's hostel.Everyone calls him up for advices,solutions and guidelines.No wonder our project lie there,neglected.We too had some technical parts left.
But as our project was almost over,we didnt mind letting Abhay do the works for others too.

The last two days were the really tough ones.Deepak's group started their code learning job 1-2 days before presentation.And it was no simple project.It was a very lengthy stuff with lots of technologies and programming involved.It was the Anti-Phishing system.Srijith's team also had to get some laptops,so they too camped there.
With such a big crowd,naturally everyone was on the run.Scheduling laptops,pcs,net access and Abhay were main issues.
Also there were enough time to have fun,poke around other's projects,crack jokes,and even playing indoor cricket.It was full masti in there.

But as the day neared,everyone had issues to clear up.Fun and play stopped....everyone was busy with their own work,tempers on the and clocks ignored...getting the projects to run flawlessly and preparing to face the viva was the only goal in each person's mind.Some people revising concepts,doing final touch-ups on the codes,some doing the documentations,others practicing presentation stuff...all dedicated to surviving that one day.

Finally that day arrived.We were 4th group.The first group began with 2-3 hours long viva and lengthy presentation interrupted frequently by power-cuts.All of us were tensed at such harsh conditions.We frantically revised and prepared our part.Abhay was still busy with other groups' work as they seemed to have troubles managing such a huge project.

The nervous waiting continued till after lunch break.Our chance came at 3.30-4 pm I think.The initial presentation was quite good,with everyone putting in their contributions and explaining project features.While explaining though,HOD caught a specific test case that we had removed from code,but was still in document.Unknowingly Abhay agreed to show the case,but failed to and had to give excuses.

Later on,she called upon each member to explain the project as a whole,demonstrate it and explain in detail their contributions.I wasn't asked to modify code,or explain other's codes.I only needed to explain the Server side code, and connected parts were just mentioned.I dint have to demonstrate either,and so was let off quickly.James had some trouble recompiling modified code,which made us nervous.But it was only some minor issue.We survived!!!

Overall,it was a good performance by most groups.Projects were good,presentations also.When the marks were given later on,it was clear.Only a few groups who had issues with improper work divisions and report submissions had lost some marks.

Anyway that was a good experience,to work with many technologies,learn and hear about more and also to finish a work in a professional way with deadlines to meet.Will be back with more experiences and experiments with life...adios!!