Saturday, February 26, 2011


Refueled and rearmed am I now. That is the best way to describe my condition now.

I am not looking into others, or other things now. It is just me, in the spotlight. Hit the right note after sometime. if you see me type this, you can see the rhythm, there has hardly been a single typo for this many words and all done in 25 seconds.

And finally, Dream is not something you see while you sleep, but something that doesn't allow you to sleep.

rest are for myself...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kochi IPL Team - The True Koothara

Ha the breaking news is that the much awaited Kochi IPL Team is named as Indi Commandos Kerala.
Omg what a sick name. And to add on that, they have frigging sick logo which looks similar to some mosquito killer brand. But they can argue that the logo was meant to be symbolic about Kochi's rich mosquito tradition.

My entire twitter timeline and facebook feed is filled with statuses and links containing swear words, mockery, war cries and even suicide notes about this sickening decision by the team owners.

So, what is so special about this team or maybe Kochi, that brings someone to a point where they can do such outrageous acts? Lets examine some facts.

The news of IPL Kochi Team came out of the blue, giving some good hope for cricket fans in Kerala, for we only had the superby veruppikaling(irritating under the skin , literally ) Sreesanth to talk about as ours.

All was well for sometime when the allegation of a 'sweat equity' with sweethearts blew over and a decent politician Mr.Sashi Tharoor had to resign from the minister's post. It was followed by some really nasty exchange of comments and allegations between high profile persons in cricket and politics, exposing the ugly underbelly of the sport in the nation. Then there was the exit of Mr Lalit Modi, the father of IPL.

When it all seemed good, came the auctions. Kochi fans were eager to see a fighting team to cheer for, but most of us fainted on seeing the absurd selections made during the auction. That was the day the fans started turning against the 'franchise'. The whole setup was turning out to be a big joke on the face of Keralites, especially Kochiites.

The fuming and heart broken fans who were shifting their support to the other teams received a critical blow when the final team name was announced. This is not just a disgrace to the cricket fans in Kerala, but also a shame to all the people in the small but proud community.

What were these buggers thinking when they auctioned for a team, and now chose a name? A peek into their site will tell you rest of the story. Headquartered in Mumbai, having no relation to Kerala other than having the supremely irritating Sreesanth, and now sporting the name 'Kerala' in the team name. They also have an 'About Kerala' section in their site which contains.... Kerala toursim related links. WTBF!!!
And lo, they have already applied to the IPL Committee to shift their homeground to Ahmedabad. Now did they think it qualifies to be within Kerala?

Truely, this is very disgraceful and irritating. I see no love for the sport in this outfit, but just some marvadis and big business magnets trying to rake in the moolah from the cricket-frenzy nation. Buggers, you could have let us alone without having to insult so much. I just hope this team does not come in the news again for such nasty things, adding to our insult. May the sport be the final winner.

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Friday, February 04, 2011


i am sitting in the reclining chair
feeling so light headed and clear

eyes laden with sleep
but pc laden with work

mind is wandering so free
reluctant to join the spree

dreaming it is a saturday
though the clock say its friday

i just wish to be on a vacation
where no one comes for dictation