Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kenshin rocks!!

This is about my favourite anime character "Himura Kenshin" or Himura Battousai,the Hitokiri(manslayer) during the Meiji Restoration.

Get to know the basics here : About Kenshin

Why I am blogging about this now is largely unclear..but I can credit it due to the entry of new series,Naruto. It was suggested by my senior,Widad. I downloaded and saw four episodes and realized that I am gonna stick to it.But nothing beats my Ken-san. He is the ultimate swordsman.Using the Hitenmitsurugi Ryu technique(which is supremely fast),he performs wonderful and dangerous moves.

The main attraction in the story is the detailed explanation of sword techniques of any character in the series. Its really something good, not found in all animes. Even the smallest of characters get their moves explained and a proper counter action is made to defeat them. All characters are superb with their own style of life and fighting.

My heart goes out for Kenshin, when the ghosts of his past haunts him. His way of treating people is so good...and his funny way of saying "Oro" makes the series very funny.I learnt quite a bit of Japanese from it.Some of its episodes are hillarious due to Sagara Sanosuke,Yahiko, Kenshin and Kaoru.
The serious parts are perfectly combined with comedy, moral values, love and some suspense as well.

I just keep remembering some of the most sensible yet superb moves of kenshin,like the Battou-jitsu(lightning speed drawing)and the famous Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki. Also there is this Hajime Saito(leader of Shinsengumi) who starts as Ken's enemy and later becomes best friend.His Gatotsu moves and no-nonsense attitude absolutely superb.Same with Shinomori Aoshi...the last battle between him and Ken is one helluva battle...

The  character of Kenshin somehow keeps one addicted to it.

Kenshin fans, you might want to read this very interesting article that explains the science behind each of Kenshin's moves. I bet you would pick the thing lying next to you that even remotely resembles a katana, and start swinging away...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Martial me

Sudden thought came to continue my mansuria arts..but few minutes practice reminded me of the short term for which I had received training....wrong moves causing back aches and sprains..ouch..anyway nice to do some of them..missed them a lot.
Though there is daily simple stretches..kicks and forms were rather neglected and were contaminated and confused by moves from movies(that includes kopeira,shaolin,kick boxing,muay thai..etc).
Gotta learn ...cannot spare time and planning to get proper training..though that idea has been in my mind for some time now...
Also got to restart my cricket,hockey and badminton ventures..i used to a fairly good player ....

Donno why this thought comes the middle of the night...when i have not yet touched cse for the test tomorrow .

Maybe because ,the almost inactive lifestyle of my college mates just ran its course and I want my instincts to return..or i can never be in peace with myself...