Saturday, October 20, 2012

something often wanted..

been a long time since I wrote something here. I haven't abandoned you yet.

Like I once discovered about myself in my past, I keep discovering that I am still in the same state. Evolution.
Keep changing.
Notifications beeping and crying for attention to other tabs - realize that its the same thing that takes me away from my alive state to the multitasking-all doing-present for all-doing something state, which I actually hate.

As a child, I did the right thing, but didn't know that. Now I know what is not right, but can't help doing so. What a mess the lives of people in a society can be. Partial social life is best, but is partial best or full? Question remains. If you are able to follow the undercurrent of this conversation, I am sure you would be thrilled, else you would just curse - for which I am thankful. For its you readers who make me aware of the other side of the works of my foundry.

Reading "Randaam Ooozham" by M.T nowadays. A famous book among Malayalam readers. I am a debutant, struggling at the least of grammar and words. For the uninitiated, it is a retelling of the entire Mahabharatha from Bhima's point-of-view. A masterpiece I would say. All doubts and concerns I had about the real stories and morals of the main heroes of the Indian maha epic were solved in a few paragraphs or one well set sentence. Take a bow - malayalam literature. People who know stuff about literature know the weight that malayalam authors have lent to its people, others around, the nation and the world around. Greatt thinkers and what not. I am not qualified to continue on this dropping it off.

The rains, hard physical work, good food, water and thoughts of friendship and love. That is my life. And of course some more complicated beings like music that is deep. I thrive in such conditions like some bacteria do. Add some intellectual scenarios and I get another colour. One variant is bright red with glowing energy, while another slices through thick iron with the mind and tongue. One is warm yellow embracing even the more vile of ideas and people into one big bear hug. Induced purple one survives on the perceptions of others. Often forced to hide and change shapes, this one is seen as an outsider and is not treated with affection unless conditions are very apt for it to thrive. Short lived anyway..

Well.. thats it for now.. thanks for reading this shit..adios amigos.. the world is too big to worry about and too small to stay idle burn a good midnight oil and create something wonderful today :-)

spl thanks to my reader Neenu for her comments that brought me back to take glance my blog again..