Thursday, April 23, 2009

Daredevilry all the way...

Its already started..and I am late to post..

The second edition of the Indian Premier League(or the indian 'paisa' league) has been moved to South Africa and have so far been quite a different show from last year's.
Though facing criticisms for the moving of location, which brought in bad weather and the introduction of the Strategy Break...Modi's boys seem to have pulled it off superbly.

The games are of higher quality this time, with all teams being better informed compared to last year about the format. All teams are looking good and there is lot for the poor Indians watching it over television to celebrate...

Speaking of the favourite is .. Delhi Daredevils lead by none other than the flamboyant Daredevil 'Viru'...accompanied by a pack of power hitters and sharp bowlers. Its a well balanced side with some serious daredevilry in the players which makes them more dangerous than the other balanced power the Chennai Super Kings(my second favourite)

Just now was a clash of the titans DD v/s CSK ...a truly enjoyable T20 game ...packed with all batting action of De Villiers and Hayden accompanied by the masterful bowling and fielding by both teams ( PS: Vettori is THE master.. :D )..and with such a gripping ending that saw the DD pulling it off...hats off to both teams..

The competition is just beginning to tighten..with more action and drama to follow...whoa..what a carnival this is turning out to be.lets hope the weather doesn't spoil all the fun... and may the best team take the honours (again)...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pehla Vote

And so finally after all these years, I finally performed one of my duties to my nation and its people. I cast my vote for the Lok Sabha elections.

It is a fine(but hot) morning with all the people flocking to nearby booths, to cast their votes to choose who will lead our nation for the next five years. All those who turned out irrespective of what they do or who they are, surely give a lot of damn to the nation( atleast compared to those who don't care to vote).Hats off!

It feels good to be part of the democracy that we all praise( and criticize ) a lot. :D

And certainly I found it interesting to walk into the school where I did my KGs, after all these years..even if the visit lasted only for a few minutes.

Hope all of you citizens perform your part...
The manifestos are unappealing. The rhetoric is worse. The candidates are not to your liking. Don’t let this hold you back from going out there and voting.

Voting is a necessary step to change things. So go out and vote.
--picked from a site

I thought I would stop it here..but I want to appreciate the work of many NGOs and also governmental agencies to appeal to the people to cast their votes. This time around, a lot of push is being given. There are many sites, events and campaigns to catch the interest of the youth in the democratic of them being Jaagore,with the tea ad and all. Hats off to all these efforts!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Choppy seas

Choppy..that's what I would call myself and the life around me..

Choppy seas need a rough oarsman and a tough captain...thats what I am churning out old seafarer..and no landlubbers ...

Am seeing many other skiffs and sampans floating around and some being guided by lucky point in waiting for the lucky wind to guide the ketch out to safe waters...

Enter Papillon aka Henri Charrière, the inspired and motivated protagonist of the half-fiction 'Papillon', who tried umpteen times to escape from the deadly sentence awarded to him by the French authorities(by being sent to the French Guyana) and finally succeeded in pulling it off...
He didn't just wait for things to get lucky..but tried his best whenever there was a chance, such was his belief in his right to freedom. Though his foiled attempts bought him hellish punishments..he simply KEPT trying...and he was a tough navigator and captain of the boat...

I feel no fear, but only increased sense of things to come...feeling that my hands would be full and it should be so, if I am to survive in the ravaging storms that lie ahead this voyage. I carry the supplies provided by my good friends and my trusty Support&Survival gear that I have polished with my various encounters with life and danger .. (muhahah..sounding sinister ..and winking ;) )
I think this would be enough for today as I post another sticky one on the wall and simply walk away...not giving a damn.. (yo yo)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Life of hakuna matatas

Weird heading.. just came to mind..
I want to make up a write up about yesterday and today..I had promised myself on my way back home that I would.. so I am..

It all started with my usual lethargy to learn and stick to something for long time...ah..ok..I had CS-803 Industrial Organization and Management Examination was trying hard to push in and keep stuff in my mind..finally leading me to doze off many times and caught a bad cold by evening..
All this made me sleep for two more hours,while I can continously telling myself that I have to learn this portion, restudy that etc..and when I woke up to study, the heavens opened up and it rained like cats and dogs, cutting off the power... :) plunging me into darkness...this somehow gave me the heart to sit and study in candle light for an hour or so(amazingly)..ending up in me sweating like a horse and finally couldn't sleep for 2-3 hours due to heat...

Next thing I remember is myself waking up at 7 am and somehow got ready and came to college and studied somethings here and there...went to exam hall..found a fairly simple paper..with some pitfalls here and which I did dutifully fall ;)..but fairly I was glad and happy that it got over..and was excited about the group photo and all..and got chance to talk to pals of my class after some all culminated in some photos.. and we decided to go for the second part of our childhood favourite movie "In Harihar Nagar" ...mallus need no more explanations...others can we went as a 'paltan' (platoon in english for u angrezis...)..with girls to stand in queue and take tickets..

Woah plans were many and complex..but all of that took hits one after the other when we came to know that the show was advanced by 1 hour and even after waiting for tickets a Little Shenoys(theatre), the tickets were sold out just as our friends reached the counter..bad luck and timing..we all sighed and some of the guys suggested to go for "Fast and Furious 4" ,the famed movie about machines and babes...(frankly thats what it is about). I half heartedly agreed coz I didn't want to kill the fun we were having.. and seriously all that turned out to be bad idea( I deeply trust my instincts now.. :))
We got advance tickets for the paltan of 9 and had lunch and stuff..and got ourselves in for some good starting action scenes...and then onwards...boring..sluggish dialogues and what not..only gaining life when a race happens..and the actions come in small amounts..entertaining only for short periods of time...the story being sketchy..I didn't understand much..and finally it got over..and we exited quickly..

On the way back it rained cats and dogs and I was caught unaware with no umbrella.."what a day"..tiredness of a sleepless night and boring film..thats when I decided to write this down..however long and boring it might become (:D..see..i can read ur minds..)
Then I got info on TCS offer letter in mail and all..and had a coffee with a pal(equally grieving on the movie) and on the way back to home..I saw it..the realization...the skies after the was clean...the road was mind showed a clear path in front of me..surprisingly soothing and calming..I found myself looking up at the sky and smiling..and good memories of my days at school and overall the days when my soul mixed with that of nature(rain in particular) came to me...and I turned quite poetic..words and tunes forming so clearly on my mind and asking me to look up at the sky..and find my source of happiness.. and as a way of pointing it..rain droplets fell on my head,face and heart...I felt pure expressible in words or any blog..its my own feeling..let it rest in peace...
Finally I reached home,and now fixed some issues with Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood Map files and am going to finish my campaigns...sayanora...btw I created 5 new quotes and thoughtful phrases..which I am seriously considering to document atleast for my sake..if you seriously read this far..and enjoyed it..I would like to receive your comments.. :D and tell me if the heading makes sense to u does a lil bit to me..(Below is a quote I made yesterday...check it out)

"Don't just SURVIVE:LIVE LIFE.... KING SIZE !!!"

Friday, April 03, 2009

Painting Joy

This is about Joy Rafael, the friendly neighborhood painter.
I remember meeting this jolly old chap probably 16 years back..when we first moved to our new house..
With the work in progress, me and my brother used to visit the house along with our parents occasionally. During those visits, Joy always amused and entertained us by showing little magic tricks and talked things about buildings and how painting is the most interesting job in the world ;)

Even after we moved to the new house, some final works were left on the upper floor and hence Joy and his 'merrymen' painters used to hang around.Now, as both my parents are working, me and my brother used to be alone after returning from school in the evening. There was no cable tv at our home back then, and we used to play around the building with the various interesting stuff lying around (thanks to all the construction)...and Joy used to hang around us..keeping an eye on us( his version of it). Anyway we used to play with him as well as fight. This went on for about a couple of years.

In a couple of years,we had grown up and didn't find him interesting enough and we suspected that he was shirking work in our name..but still maintained friendly relation with him. He was a funny character. Due to our lack of time, he had the added responsibility of purchasing materials for painting( ie. occasional maintenance works). Over the years, we saw less of him, as he grew older and we got busier.

On 30th of March,I was woken up from deep slumber by my mother, with a shocking news.Joy had taken a fall from the terrace that morning and passed away immediately. I couldn't believe that the funny crooked guy simply ceased to exist, one fine morning. It took some time for me to come to senses and grip the reality. Later, on receiving an invitation for his funeral,containing his photo, I realised that he really won't be coming next time asking whether its time for a new coat of paint.
Joy, the painter of joy thus passed away, leaving a family consisting of two children, about whom he used to talk a lot. May God bless all...