Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pehla Vote

And so finally after all these years, I finally performed one of my duties to my nation and its people. I cast my vote for the Lok Sabha elections.

It is a fine(but hot) morning with all the people flocking to nearby booths, to cast their votes to choose who will lead our nation for the next five years. All those who turned out irrespective of what they do or who they are, surely give a lot of damn to the nation( atleast compared to those who don't care to vote).Hats off!

It feels good to be part of the democracy that we all praise( and criticize ) a lot. :D

And certainly I found it interesting to walk into the school where I did my KGs, after all these years..even if the visit lasted only for a few minutes.

Hope all of you citizens perform your part...
The manifestos are unappealing. The rhetoric is worse. The candidates are not to your liking. Don’t let this hold you back from going out there and voting.

Voting is a necessary step to change things. So go out and vote.
--picked from a site

I thought I would stop it here..but I want to appreciate the work of many NGOs and also governmental agencies to appeal to the people to cast their votes. This time around, a lot of push is being given. There are many sites, events and campaigns to catch the interest of the youth in the democratic of them being Jaagore,with the tea ad and all. Hats off to all these efforts!

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