Thursday, April 23, 2009

Daredevilry all the way...

Its already started..and I am late to post..

The second edition of the Indian Premier League(or the indian 'paisa' league) has been moved to South Africa and have so far been quite a different show from last year's.
Though facing criticisms for the moving of location, which brought in bad weather and the introduction of the Strategy Break...Modi's boys seem to have pulled it off superbly.

The games are of higher quality this time, with all teams being better informed compared to last year about the format. All teams are looking good and there is lot for the poor Indians watching it over television to celebrate...

Speaking of the favourite is .. Delhi Daredevils lead by none other than the flamboyant Daredevil 'Viru'...accompanied by a pack of power hitters and sharp bowlers. Its a well balanced side with some serious daredevilry in the players which makes them more dangerous than the other balanced power the Chennai Super Kings(my second favourite)

Just now was a clash of the titans DD v/s CSK ...a truly enjoyable T20 game ...packed with all batting action of De Villiers and Hayden accompanied by the masterful bowling and fielding by both teams ( PS: Vettori is THE master.. :D )..and with such a gripping ending that saw the DD pulling it off...hats off to both teams..

The competition is just beginning to tighten..with more action and drama to follow...whoa..what a carnival this is turning out to be.lets hope the weather doesn't spoil all the fun... and may the best team take the honours (again)...

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