Saturday, March 19, 2011

Method in Madness

There is a method in every madness and a madness in every method.

They day you are able to see your own madness in your method, and a method in your madness, you see the true you.. and it is the "I see you" kind of thing from Avatar.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Blurred Vision

All that is behind is a mix of pain and laughter. all that is ahead is a blur.

Don't feel like moving a limb, as the memories of the pain and ungratefulness haunts me.

The pain numbs my senses and clouds my judgement.

if only a sliver of light was available...

do i have to be one among them , to receive what is due to me?

For now, I stand there with doubts in my mind..staring at the blurred vision of life ahead.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japanese Fantasy

I love the way the Japanese people live.

They are hard workers and they never give up.

They don't usually crib or cry much over anything.

They are uber smart.

The society is very obedient and sensible.

They know to shut their mouths and do what is required when the time comes.

They always have a plan, and they execute it meticulously.

They are solemn and courteous.

They are almost perfect.

They even eat good food and live longer.

Looking forward to a life amongst these fellows.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Beat the Boss in Life

Life is like a video game.

There are levels you have to play through. There are opponents, power ups, short cuts, cheats, tricks and many more. There can even be choice based endings and real-life physics.

But if you notice that for you to beat a level and go to the next, there is usually a 'Boss'. Those of you who play games regularly know what it takes bring down a boss. It might need a variety of skills and lots of hard work and patience.

The analogy of life with video games is here.

If your current life is like a level in the video game, you will inevitably encounter the 'Boss' you need to beat to get to the next level. Now, you have two options, either muster all your efforts and beat the Boss, and elevate your experience by moving to the next 'level' in life or you can give in during any part of the level and continue living the same life.

So, if you want to improve your life experience, or simply wish to have a change in track, you have to prepare to face your own 'Boss' and bring him/her down. If you love the experience of the current life, please don't take the efforts for beating any Boss. Just die and play all over again. The choice is in your hands.

Thanks to Nikil.V for leading me to this stream of thought.

PS: The Boss here has no resemblance to your superior in your office. It is purely pointing to the video game context.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Awakening of an Empire

I can sense the flowers blooming in the barren desert,spreading its fragrance once again across the vast land, devoid of life.

It brings back life to the hands of men, fire to their eyes, and sharpness to their blades.

Hot blood shall flow again, and machines will start rumbling, as an ancient and once prosperous civilization awakens from a deep death-like-slumber.

All those weaklings who are ravaging the lands shall now tremble with fear and scurry back to their holes, seeking protection from the fiery men of this forgotten empire.

All that is wrong shall be set right, and people will have justice and peace of mind.

But, the awakening of the old empire brings back the question of its mysterious demise.
Lack of foresight and willpower is largely believed to be the reason why the once strong empire bowed down to relatively minor miscreants. If the new flag-bearers of the empire refrain from committing the mistakes of their ancestors, good days are certainly upon us.

For now, we stand frozen , waiting for a glimpse of the mighty army as the drum beats get closer...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Industry Experience

In the IT industry
If you are good at reasoning and analysis- you can be a backend engineer
if you have an eye for colors and intuitiveness- you can be a UI designer
if you are good at finding fault with things- you can be a tester
if you are good at making others work- you can be a team lead,
if you are good at talking- you can be a manager,
and if you are good at lying- you can be an HR,
but if you are dumb and argumentative- you can be a good client.

- my experiences and my view