Sunday, March 13, 2011

Awakening of an Empire

I can sense the flowers blooming in the barren desert,spreading its fragrance once again across the vast land, devoid of life.

It brings back life to the hands of men, fire to their eyes, and sharpness to their blades.

Hot blood shall flow again, and machines will start rumbling, as an ancient and once prosperous civilization awakens from a deep death-like-slumber.

All those weaklings who are ravaging the lands shall now tremble with fear and scurry back to their holes, seeking protection from the fiery men of this forgotten empire.

All that is wrong shall be set right, and people will have justice and peace of mind.

But, the awakening of the old empire brings back the question of its mysterious demise.
Lack of foresight and willpower is largely believed to be the reason why the once strong empire bowed down to relatively minor miscreants. If the new flag-bearers of the empire refrain from committing the mistakes of their ancestors, good days are certainly upon us.

For now, we stand frozen , waiting for a glimpse of the mighty army as the drum beats get closer...

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