Tuesday, November 13, 2007

S5 almost over...trascending into S6

I have been thinking of updating my blog for such a long time.But either I lose the interest or never get apt topics to do it.Now it seems I post every two semester or so.

Anyway,at present I am having s5 university exams.Language Processors(CS501) and Software Engineering(CS502) over.Next one ahead is Microprocessor(CS503).I donno why I am wasting my time exactly at this point of time....
MuP(short of microprocessor) is not so easy as to ignore it completely.But let's just say,the wish to blog...just came back ..as with most things about me...not tied down by rules ....just instantaneously spontaneous.People around me are seriously studying at their homes.
The placement seasons are coming in 2 months maybe.Our placement cell has started its official work.We already had lots of class test and batch tests as mock for the real ones.This reintroduced the concepts of C language,some forgotten and unknown mathematical concepts and of course, a plethora of new words,usages etc.All these have increased my knowledge level.

As far as the test goes,I seem to be very weak in Aptitude section,which comprises maths and logic.I have try out lots of problems and learn few things if I have to clear cut offs in this section.Technical goes average for me.I do not take risks in answering even if there are slight doubts...in that manner I have saved many negatives as well as lost some marks.Verbal section is quite ok for me...I am learning while doing.

By the way,I have joined TIME(Triumphant Institute of Management Education) for Super Long Term Course for CAT 2008.It does take away my entire sunday,but anyway I dont have much chores on a sunday(read useful chores).

Though many of the maths classes are boring,the language and some other classes are really informative and helpful in many ways...like GD,Interviews...all these give a new viewpoint into various matters and helps us face the exam confidently.

Also,I am on a new rig now.It sports a dual core AMD Athlon AM2 4000+ processor,1 gig of RAM at whopping frequencies.Also attached are a 250 gb Seagate Hard Disk and a Sony DRU-190A dual layer supporting dvd-rw.The board is Asus m2n-mx SE.Cool na?
I am also retaining my old 120gb Samsung Hard disk ...so thats about 343 GB of space.


  1. For Aptitude refer to R.S. Agarwal..
    Tell me if it helped...

  2. Well..I did share it and found it is quite enough...sorry for the 5 month delay in replying...