Saturday, February 10, 2007

Life in MEC in when S4 started......

Ah....another new year and lo....there are tonnes of new things to be done and to learn...

Well....some one may have noticed that I speak negatively and confusingly I am now undergoing rigorous retraining to get back my old self...though I doubt the extent up to which it is possible.

The year's start was also marked by coming of s3 lab naturally I was in that tension.As these were held after a brief break after the theory exams,I had lost touch and worried about regaining touch.

For the ET lab ,that is what happened...I couldn't get the connection open in time ad my mind was unprepared and sadly too lazy to work...for which I paid dearly.The observation table itself needed modification to get approximate graph and anyone can understand the difference by checking table readings with those marked in graph.So I seriously doubt whether i get any marks there.The viva was utter fiasco in all terms...I was able to answer not more than 3-4 questions.I had usually feeling after that...the feeling of gross self-contempt and anger,which fuels my passion and will to defeat that 'dumb' me and outshine the shell of defeat that I adorn myself.

By the ECT lab time I had regained part of my confidence and rhythm and also electronics being easy to learn compared to electrical theory..I made good progress.And the lab went like a smooth glide with all teachers' support for which I am really grateful.The viva was kinda okay considering the fact that I messed up 1-2 questions and answered the rest properly.

Finally all weights and fears of S3 were set aside and time for a new beginning,new subjects,teacher etc.I was looking forward to S4 as it was beginning of computer based subjects...But part of what I received nearly shook me awake from a beautiful dream of easy s4.

First of all ALC(Automata and Language Computation).....I cannot find enough words to completely express my respect as well fear of this subject.The fact that Siraj sir,the veteran teacher of our college is taking it makes a lot of difference..which I have not exactly found out.Many parts of the subject gets approved by my mind by intuition and thoughts....and rest were needed to be pushed in.So I seriously doubt what I will do for exams.Also,Siraj sir is notoriously famous for his granting of internal marks.I fear for that as well.We enjoy maximum of his classes by trying to solve the problems in groups..

Then the subject PPL(Principles of Programming Language).It seems to be simple enough subject if we had a better teacher.It seems that our teacher Noora seems to be the only teacher for that subject.Her irritating questions supported by confusing style of teaching is the reason for that.In some of her classes I have felt that her teaching is comparable to the act of firing in the random and unrelated to one another.Somehow I manage in her classes...I even had to cut a few ...for MACS programmes(which I will explain soon).

The rest of the subjects are quite fine(EM4,COR and DSA).COR is an active and new ideas for things that I know it is always interesting and thought provoking..I like Jaimon sir and his style of teaching.

I was in this situation that our Association, MACS had decided to conduct Linux classes for school students as well as for juniors.It was a big responsibility involving huge sums of money and good preparation for the things..So we were actively involved in its working...till the day class for school students was called off.
Then on a later date the class for juniors was fixed and we had 2-3 days for entire topic decision and everything related..ho those were the busiest times in peace time(wen there are no exams).

We got great T-shirts printed for ourselves...and I transported Nikil a.k.a "Kadi" to college in my scooter that morning also taking the XGL(the linux desktop effects stuff) videos in my pen drive.When we reached college and started setting up all things,nearly half of the things were not ready.The notes were not ready,and the other accessories required too were in same state.Gosh,everyone was working round the clock to make sure everything went on well.

After long hours of toil we got the tings ready and class started off with a great intro by Sony(Chairman,MACS).The everything went in order..till afternoon...we were enjoying and learning with the was great fun..

Then came the time for my vi class after a long session by Anirudh.I was instructed to rush through as the juniors were used to vi.Also refreshment was distributed at that most of them were busy chatting than listening to my class.My voice was not enough,being in the air-conditioned room from morning till noon.So in between my class I asked Cijo to explain few points and we escaped somehow.It was the worst part of he entire programme.Then after a class by Kadi and a quiz,we dispersed the juniors and enjoyed on the remaining food and drinks.We took lots of photos and videos and made maximum of fun at the occasion.

That day was important for two things..first this great class..then the first year results....I had survived the exams and came out all pass....with 75.4 %.As part of that celebration maybe Moosa,Ribu and Kadi took me to Maayaavi....which was nothing but a waste of precious 40 bucks and related food money.

So thats what this year has been like to me so far....I hope it gets better by my involvement into better actions and dictating few terms to myself.

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