Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bibliophilia flowing over?

Hi friends, yet another post on books. For those wondering whether I have turned into a bibliophile,the answer is NO.

Its just that once I got separated from my incessant addiction to my own pc and got into work as well,I find reading books a good hobby. In the few boring hours I get for my leisure activities I just prefer to read some novels instead of browsing the net for nothing special. Earlier I would decide to sit down and watch any movie and some of my collected audio/video/docs. But now ,as my hard disk at home was accidentally formatted ,I have become a pauper with respect to digital content that I own.

Now I had been reading quite a few books these days. Last month when I went home,I managed to get hold of half a dozen books from Manu.One of them being "The Google Story",the attempted book review of which I had posted previously.
The other books I had finished reading(or simply read),in the chronological order are:
1) Paths of Glory by Jeffrey Archer-an awesome story of George Mallory who is believed by many to be true conqueror of Mt.Everest
2) Sherlock Holmes Collection of Stories by Arthur Conan Doyle-A dumb and boring read which I abandoned by the sixth or seventh story.Very repetitive.
3) The Rule of Four by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason-A partially cooked book that tried to resemble one of Dan Brown,but the story just seems to emphasize the greatness of their university i.e Princeton,rather than the main plot.But found it entertaining till 3/4th of the pages.
4) Kane & Abel by Jeffrey Archer-Archer is climbing my list as my favourite author with this one. I still have a about 60 pages to go in this one,and I am excited. At many parts the story tends to resemble "Sons of Fortune",but certainly is different.

Today I also made a purchase of two books with a gift coupon I had received from office. I had made a long list of books to look out for,based on internet reviews.But I couldn't find any of those there. So finally got a book "The Prodigal Daughter" by Jeffrey Archer and another book by Alistair McLean. That means I got a lot of reading ahead :)