Monday, December 28, 2009


"bas ek bar wapas lautne ka man karta hai

Aaj har wo din jeene ko man karta hai.

kuch buri batein jo ab acchi lagti hain

kuch batein jo kal ki hi batein lagti hain.

abki baar class attend karne ka man karta hai

Dopahar ki class mein aakhein band karne ko man karta hai.

Doston ke room ki wo baatein yaad aati hai

exam ke time pe wo hasi mazak yaad aati hai,

college ke paas razakiya ki yaad aati hai

tab ki bekar lagne wali photos chehre pe hasi laati hai.

Ek aisi subah uthne ka mann karta hai

bas ek bar wapas lautne ka man karta hai.

bas ek bar aur

wapas lautne ka man karta hai."

-Came over office mail

Saturday, December 19, 2009


A sudden gust of wind caught me unawares,
and the flame went out.

The flame that I had kindled
and carried with much care,
gone in a fraction of a second,
leaving me in the pitch dark.

My heart sank,but I decided to move on.
But those efforts were in vain,
as I fumbled and stumbled in the dark.

For a moment, with my body numb with cold
and limbs bruised by the stumble,
I stood perplexed in the dark,
knowing not what to do.

I don't know for how long I stood still,
but soon an eerie sense engulfed me,
and I felt myself smiling.

I had begun to love the new found darkness,
and soon fell in love with it.
Now I prefer it over any of those
unfaithful flames of light.

Moral of the story:
"Velicham dukham aanu unni, Thamasallo Sukhapradam"

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Some interesting sites

Earth Album is an interesting mashup obtained by combining flickr and google maps. It allows you to click on any place in the map, and load photos from flickr based on that place. It doesn't allow selecting very detailed places,but allows keyword and category based photo search on a location as well. It is worth enjoying for sometime.

Breathing Earth, is an awesome flash site that shows in real time a lot of statistics about CO2 emissions and population in various parts of the world. It is an innovative idea and the site has been designed well.

Uber Super, is an awesome photography site. Its pictures are really breathtaking and creative. Never knew so much can be caught on camera in such ways..

Musicovery. This is from my StumbleUpon "Music" category. This site allows you to select a mood you want and they will play music of that category online. There are various options to play in a sequence. The only downside is that the songs are from Amazon,itunes etc that are paid and many of the features of this site are for premium members only(sensibly so as music needs to be paid for). But I really liked the idea.

Thats all for now.Please leave comments. I would love to hear from you readers

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Early Morning Blog

Now this for a change. Waking up at six in the morning,shivering all over, I felt that today I will do something different for a change.
So, while bringing in my dry clothes, this idea to blog early in the morning came to me. So here I am..

So, what am I upto early morning on a weekday?? :)

Well, the matter is that I finally bought a new phone for myself. A 6303 classic Nokia phone is quite refreshing and was for a long time in the pipeline. It replaces my old 6060 phone,which would have been KIA if I had not decommissioned it soon enough.

With my new phone satisfying my needs to a good extend(3MP camera and music+gr8 battery), I have been busy fiddling with it.
The point of waking up early is to simply download a few videos,convert a few, and transfer them alongwith some more songs into my phone,to make it my entertainment hub. Huh,makes sense? It should.

The funny thing is,as I keep moving more and more media into the phone, more and more songs/videos appear in my mind and persuade me to find 'em and move 'em. (I am sure this is gonna happen only till the memory gets exhausted..which is just a few mbs away).
Anyway, it feels different to up early in the morning, and shivering a bit now and then while typing this. :D
Sayanora,have a gr8 day ahead for those who read this in morning, and good night to those who r basically nocturnal :D