Friday, August 11, 2006

Birthday Blues

My birthday was yesterday,that is 10th Aug.I am posting things about yesterday and today as a day.

Many people knew my birthday was around just because I am very famous in Orkut(you know it don't you?).That day my first birthday wish came from Moosa(Srijith) by sms.At that time I was downloading a game.Then,Anil called me to wish,during breakfast.

While coming to college,no one knew it was my birthday,not even Manu and Luka(even though he heard it the day before).Then when the bus finally got crowded at Vytilla,Syama blasted the bomb by announcing it was my birthday.Then there was the ominous hue that usually follows a secret blown away!!!

After reaching college,I managed to reach class after being recognised by only Asha and Reshma.In the class some of them identified because i had told them and the rest remembered from Orkut.One by one people came and wished and asked for treat.Then Bonny came and someone told him it was my birthday ,but he didn't believe and he told me- "Kadi is keeping a card in his it because of that?"
It was a boring morning as I had finished all homeworks (I woke at 2am and did everything).

During the lunch break,just as I was about to leave class,Kadi came forward and in his usual loud belching voice called out;"Today is Vivek's birthday and we are gifting him this", and he handed over a card with 'Surprise' written on it.Everyone clapped and then they gave me birthday bumps.I went out to have lunch at ''.Thats when I spotted Kadi ahead of me entering the hotel.I thought of escaping,then I decide that I need not worry,so I went to have lunch.Thats when the heavens opened up and the people were caught unawares.I saw Moosa and Manuraj coming in the rain holding some posters over them(funny sight it was...)
Then I persuaded Arun george of ECA to get me back to college in his umbrella(poor guy).After reaching college I came out to have lunch after rains stopped.

Then in the lab we had unexpected guests as the first batch students came to the electrical machines lab.After sometime we came to know that they had come to have the senate election.It was quite fun...the boys voted for Boby and Nikul as a majority(it was set up).The other candidates were Adeena and Nirmal.

Nirmal didn't want anyone to vote for he received only 3 votes from the 88 ones.So the tight competition was between Nikul-Boby and Adeena-Boby teams.The former pair won at last.

Then in the lab..we had a bad day with the Bindu miss asking tough questions about our experiment..and we were not fully prepared.At the table,we could quite easily set up the circuit(I had to do it myself, with some support from Stan).Syama and Vinson were just standing aside looking at the circuit diagrams(no hard feelings...).
After connecting,Vinod sir came and made some wire tranfers and then asked Stan to test ....and when he did...the ICDP fuse got burnt.Then sir took up the elaborate task of reconnecting it and checking connections and telling us about the problem with the auto transformer.

Then everything went well and we did the second one too, with the help of Leena miss.Finally when book had to be corrected, my graph was adjusted and other things done..but i forgot to write result in the very first experiment...and i got A grade whereas the lazy people like Syama got A+.So I decided not to do the circuits anymore..let them do it..anyway they are getting the marks(I really get upset when hard work doesn't pay!!).

Then I made a mistake..............I left my precious MS991 calculator in the lab.I didn't notice it until I reached home.I got it back 3 weeks later(that was the second one I missed,I was worried!).After lab,when rains stopped I took Stan to Netsavvy to get a grape juice as treat..but grape was finished and Stan said he doesn't drink mango we went to have a soda lime.Then we returned to Netsavvy where Moosa ,Sandeep and Syama were waiting.They got mango juices and sat there chatting and drinking for some time,when Roopasree and Serene passed by.I invited them and offered a mango juice.They all had their fill and we were all about to leave when Neethu came by.I excused myself and then we went the college in the heavy rains,me and Sandeep in an umbrella..with Syama and Moosa in other.Then Syama,Moosa,and me kept the bags in already filled bus.

After coming home..i set out for the usual net programs.. till night 8.30 when I remember that I had ET assignment to do..then I quickly got the papers and started writing.But i felt sleepy by 10.30 and then kept alarm for 2am,and read Digit till 11.30(could have completed assignment by then that too in a beautiful way).I woke at 5am and started writing assignment and in between came to download 2 files of 95.8 mb each of WWI game from 's links through Rapidshare.

I managed to finish majority of the assignment by breakfast time..and rushed to college..and after reaching there I found no one was willing to draw the infamous diesel engine power plant for me.Many people like me were doing the assignment.But I skulked back and so had to sit throughout lunch break to finish it.In the lunch break I gave treat to Emil and then Aravind and Cijo.After break,when Rajesh sir didn't come for sometime,I went to Netsavvy wth George and gave him his treat.Then we entered the lab,to check Google Adsense with Aneesh.Then he showed his home and navigated through some boring place in Wikimapia.He showed me the forums he had created and kept on bragging about the money had earned in Adsense(exactly $13.99 then,$14 now).

Then Melvin called Anil to tell that sir was coming and we rushed to class and entered the class late.I found that my place was taken and I had to take the front seat alone.Someone had misplaced my buks and I had no calculator..I thought I had it today.When I entered Rajesh sir was explaining something and asked a question to the class and was getting angry...and got some students to stand and answer...many didn't and he was angry that comp science students do not study anything.Then he asked me too for the answer and I managed to cook up something which I had heard last year from Syama.He was satisfied(phew...!!!) and explained more about transistors and other things...quite interesting class this sir makes of ECT...

Then we got out of the class and went to the bus and found seat.Then Sandeep came and told that ECT lab work was to be done for Monday and he gave me a rough record that Nikhil Thomas had given then..when I was in lab in ECT period.

I have that work to do for this weekend and my brother is usual I am expecting a bandwidth overflow..but this time he may also cause my old HDD to be replaced with a brand new 160 GB sataII HDD and old intel 845 motherboard replaced by a new 945 or 915 with change in processor and a dvd writer as well..

Well that for this week or maybe this month..Anyway this was the best birthday I had,because there is no one at home to celebrate.

And I became 18 this year.