Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pushing the footprint

We all have heard about the global warming issues,the speculations,the graphs and the likes..
Countless seminars,reports and studies have been done on this...all pointing to the same danger...rising temperatures,melting glaciers,dying flora and fauna,irregular climate and related catastrophes,human conflict over limited resources...

So,now that almost everyone knows its implications fully or partially...why is that not everyone is doing something about it.I am not saying everyone should make drastic changes,like not using a car at all...or things like that..but as part of the educated mass,everyone...including school students have a part to play..its about making the second change..The first change is what we are currently making to the space around us..that is affected by me or you as an individual.It is called the footprint.

Footprints are of different kinds,what I am concerned with here,is ecological or specifically carbon footprint.That is what has to change.Most people soak up in knowledge about global warming and ecological issues and then after that,do not take any action,maybe thinking that the onus is not upon them to make a change,but upon NGO's and dedicated environmentalists.That is a big mistake.You as an individual are responsible and accountable for the change that you bring to the world around you.Just look around you,at your home or workplace and see how your lifestyle has modified things around you.

If you were even slightly affected by the awareness campaigns on environment protection,you should ideally start finding new realms to make the most of your time on this planet.Instead of having detrimental effects on the world that you interact with,I request you to try and make a difference.I assure you that you would always have some new things around you that can be made better if you make the right choice.The right choice may include the use of more efficient tools,efficient use of electric devices,taking care of a garden or implementing some environment friendly improvisations.It upto you to make a choice.

Let's hope more people rope into this,making the world around themselves much better,instead of waiting for others to take an action.Remember:
The Power is Yours!!!

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  1. Good post.
    Previously the whole global warming scenario was laughed off as a joke but now i see more and more ppl gettin into the act.Like you said,..it all comes down to the ppl.They have to make the right choice.

    keep blogging

  2. thanks for the quick reply..i wud b happier if u too work towards this goal and persuade ur frnds too.. :)