Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The last week

Ah,so I am back...
Last week was pretty much interesting and different.
I had a suppli(still have) for MSD(Microprocessor System Design) and so I was pretty busy, "allegedly" preparing for it.
But the week was not just preparing for MSD alone,many other interesting and different things happened,many times tempting me to blog about it.But thoughts of daily chores and MSD sunk most of those built up ideas.
There was pretty heavy rainfall for 2-3 days and during that time I was outside ...drenched and enjoying the heavy rainfall with strong winds..thinking up senti as well as exciting stories and plans ;) As I said,I couldn't bring any of those into the blog.

As my friend Aswin pointed out in one of his comments to a previous post,it only when you sit to study something,you get to think about everything else in a wonderful and different perspective.You may think of the same things as usual,but unlike when you are free,you don't procrastinate or push it aside without giving it a positive thought.

I was busy reading stuff and books I had left on the shelves in spite of them being interesting.I also found enough time to appreciate many things in life that I had left in a queue and forgot.I am not saying that I changed a lot or learnt a lot.. I am almost the same person...just got more original thats all :)

And work is still pending on assignments..blah blah(read as academics)..but thats ok.....its fine to take a break in between,stand back and look what you are doing.It was Yahoo! boy Sandy's b'day today..but couldn't blast as classes suspended and ppl busy with spl supplee exams..hope to blast it and him asap!!And I feel I am almost over the disease or tendency for movies(for time being)....so gonna do some interesting work on the computer(it sucks power u know..got to make use..cannot waste kseb's efforts and help bring in more powercuts or cause water level to sink cochin ;)..and shut it off more often than before !!!

Sayanora...byye bye...

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