Saturday, September 13, 2008

Trust is what matters...

Among the myriad amount things that mark a human being's social life,what matters the most is all forms.

A child learns to walk by trusting his parents to take care of him if he falls.He expects them to support him ...he trusts them with his heart.You might have noticed how a child reacts,when people he trust turn up doing things he is unfamiliar with and this surmounts to break of trust for most kids.The agony and pain at that moment can only be understood by seeing it by yourself.

In the due course of life,everyone trusts someone.No matter how strong and blessed with skills you are,without trust of some kind,it is impossible to make a move.If you take a walk down the memory lane,you would acknowledge that the happiest days of life were when you had the significant other,whom you trusted with your life.

The biggest agony and pain of life is the breaking of trust.A person who goes through that hell loses his sense of reasoning and happiness seems to drain out of there face.You might have seen this happen to many people around you.The people who call them emotionally strong are not immune to this human weakness as well.They just manage and hold their emotions until they find a new support and they usually are pretty good with adapting quickly and in finding new trusts.

I cannot emphasize the importance of trust any more than saying that ...without having trust and faith in someone or something,human beings are almost equivalent to animals(even they trust each other at times) or even worse.

Lack of mutual trust between people cause wars and famine(remember cold war,proxy war and feud over religion,caste and region).The root cause to almost all kinds of suffering we see around us is due to lack of proper trust and understanding....people just block out their minds using doubts and distrust breaks families,friends,companies,countries....People just don't try to understand other people..they prejudice and poison their own minds by hating and detesting others who are different from them..never once trying to seek the truth.

How many different generations have passed by over the years...why is the generation gap occurring at this point of time with such adverse effects?It is the plain lack of trust and understanding between the family members.No one has a sense or idea about what they are living for...parents trying to burden the kids with no consideration whatsoever. Parents don't trust their children,who in turn end up trusting no one...and finally creating insensitive destructive attitudes.

Even if this is the case of the world,there is still hope.You just need to open your mind and not let it be prejudiced.Never make the mistake of degrading people without proper understanding.Release the goodness that is held within you...believe in the goodness others hold.A person who can view the world with this perspective can break the veil of darkness that is lack of trust.Religion was supposed to help people maintain their trust and in some way act as an anchor(trust ur own instincts while inferring this),and hence understanding more about the world around you and having deeper knowledge of why things are the way it the absolute solution to the problem.
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  1. Trust can mean a lot of things. in the current world trust is a word that no one actually understands. trust develops one day and breaks the other. its so short lived :)

    good post.