Monday, April 19, 2010

Night Rain

Sleep just refused to take me away from this world,of endless loneliness.

Just lying like that on my bed, I heard the skies open up and I stepped out.

It was just beginning to drizzle and a cool breeze was flowing.Rain drops rolling
on my cheeks didn't bother me,for I was already lost in distant thoughts.

I don't remember much of what happened afterwards, so blissful was the night rain.
It sort of cleansed my soul and body.

We all unknowingly are always waiting for a cleansing rain that allows a fresh
start, because everyone eventually screws up many things in life, just that some
take it as a downslide, while others take it as a springboard.

I wish we could always take all setbacks, fears, and failures as just springboards
to greater happiness to ourself and all people around us.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Culinary Experiments

My room mate and I had started cooking ( besides noodles and tea ) a week ago.
From then, what I have been involved in is best termed as Culinary 'Experiments'. Experiments because, in spite of having some recipes and ingredients from my mother, I ended up choosing or mixing things in unorthodox manners, creating novel dishes.

But , the good news is that all the dishes ended up edible and majority of them even tasted good. Sometimes they just turn out to be good in spite of too much/too less of any ingredient, or use of substitute ingredients. Sometimes, I need to fix the problem by overriding measures. ;) Once or twice I even goofed up with the sequences. A few additional 'improvisations' after these goof ups allow to raise the status to 'edible'.

Today's meal was in that respect the most unorthodox. I had started with ready-to-make Sevai, which I had to cook and add seasoning. I ended up making a glass of Cooked Rice Water ( 'Kanjivellam' ), and some pasty goo with some salt in it. I was in a tight spot, wondering how to consume the stuff. Then I found the MTR Vathal Kuzhambu mix that my mother had given me, mixed it boiling water, hoping to prepare a thick curry to give taste to the goo. I ended up with something akin to rasam, and mixed half of it with the Rice Water and flooded the goo with the rest. I even added Jeera and Mustard fried in oil as seasoning. And voila, it tasted really good. The mix was a real saviour. I even topped it off with some Chammanthipodi ( prepared from home ), and had a full meal.

That is why in spite of being a rather amateur cook, I really enjoy the process of cooking. There is a lot of fun in it, a lot to learn and finally fills your tummy as well :). Sometimes it gets you quite a lot of compliments as well.

Cooking is a great skill and its an art also. We youngsters sometimes do not respect and recognize the effort our mothers put into preparing the daily stuff that we eat. Get into her shoes and check it out. You will find it a very challenging task. It requires what you call 'Kaipunyam' ( literally 'Virtue of the hand' ) to cook a delicious meal. I recommend everyone , especially males to try out cooking and you will definitely enjoy it.

Friday, April 16, 2010

A boring day

My days at office are sometimes highly boring, either due to prolonged activities of limited interest(meetings) or lack of any solid thing to do.
But for the last few weeks, things have started becoming hectic. So, after coming home I fall into a period of boredom , before sleep strikes me.

A few good books, a few nice sites and a few friends online can solve it all.But, sometimes it doesn't feel that good to reach out for those. I feel like and wish for someone or something to reach out for me and take me on a wild ride.

Weekends are up ahead, and I have no plans. I suppose I will be alone here this weekend. Apart from the mundane activities of cleaning up, organizing and catching up with life, I expect a plain and colourless weekend ahead. But as usual, I will get into weaving ideas and experiments tomorrow once I come to my senses.

Till then, I will temporary fight this boredom and write this blog, which hopefully is not very much boring for the reader.

Enjoy the blog, read better ones, give me comparisons, and let me upgrade and update myself. Thank you for reading this..