Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Horoscope-I am a Leonine Dragon

The Dragon personality The Dragon is a creature of myth and legend. A symbol of good fortune and sign of intense power, the Oriental Dragon is regarded as a divine beast - the reverse of the malicious monster that Westerners felt necessary to find and slay. In Eastern philosophy, the Dragon is said to be a deliverer of good fortune and a master of authority. Therefore, those people born in Dragon years are to be honored and respected.

Years of the Dragon

Fifth in the cycle, Dragon Years follow the Rabbit and recur every twelfth year. The Chinese New Year does not fall on a specific date, so it is essential to check the calendar to find the exact date on which each Dragon Year actually begins

1904 * 1916 * 1928 * 1940 * 1952 * 1964 * 1976 * 1988 * 2000


The key to the Dragon personality is that Dragons are the free spirits of the Zodiac. Conformation is a Dragon's curse. Rules and regulations are made for other people. Restrictions blow out the creative spark that is ready to flame into life. Dragons must be free and uninhibited. The Dragon is a beautiful creature, colorful and flamboyant. An extroverted bundle of energy, gifted and utterly irrepressible, everything Dragons do is on a grand scale - big ideas, ornate gestures, extreme ambitions. However, this behavior is natural and isn't meant for show. Because they are confident, fearless in the face of challenge, they are almost inevitably successful. Dragons usually make it to the top. However, Dragon people be aware of their natures. Too much enthusiasm can leave them tired and unfulfilled. Even though they are willing to aid when necessary, their pride can often impede them from accepting the same kind of help from others. Dragons' generous personalities give them the ability to attract friends, but they can be rather solitary people at heart. A Dragon's self-sufficiency can mean that he or she has no need for close bonds with other people.


People born in the Year of the Dragon share certain characteristics. The Dragon sign is an abbreviated way of characterizing that individual's personality. Following are features associated with the sign of the Dragon.

Fifth in order, Chinese name-LONG, sign of luck
Hour-7am-8:59 a.m. Month-April
Western Counterpart-Aries


* Innovative
* Enterprising
* Flexible
* Self-assured
* Brave
* Passionate
* Conceited
* Tactless
* Scrutinizing
* Unanticipated
* Quick-tempered


The characteristics of the Dragon Sign are tempered by one of the five Chinese elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth overlaying a 5-year cycle of characteristics on the original 12-year cycle.


Earth Dragons make great managers because they are practical, levelheaded and demonstrate a knack for organizing. They still have the need to dictate and be admired, but they are affable, congenial and supportive. Compared to other Dragons, Earth Dragons are less likely to breathe fire at the least irritation. They will work diligently to complete their life goals. The Earth element adds a greater portion of self-control to the Dragon's personality and usually the Earth Dragon is deserving of the respect he or she desires. These Dragons take their life and romantic responsibilities quite seriously.



Dragons take thrilling risks and burn the candle at both ends so they are fortunate to be blessed with good health. Among the most hearty of the Animal signs, they can suffer bad health as a result of stress. Symptoms of their personalities often stem from emotional outbursts and can range from tension headaches to depression to hypertension. Dragons can remedy these problems by maintaining their cool, implementing a routine in their daily lives, and utilizing exercises such as yoga or tai kwon do that soothe the mind and spirit as well as tone the body.


Not the most domesticated of the Animal signs, Dragons and may be more content out and about rather than at home. Nevertheless, with their imagination and artistic sense, they can enjoy decorating their home or anywhere else where their extravagance can be expressed.. A Dragon's home should be as large and majestic as his personality, providing space for the fiery temperament or emotional eruptions that accompany their character.


The Dragon's originality is the most impressive and outstanding of all his characteristics. The Dragon is quite imaginative and always able to see new paths where others may run into brick walls. Dragons are very adaptable and are fit for various occupations, especially if those occupations allow him to take the limelight. In any of these occupational situations, the Dragons will take a radical approach. Dragons work hard, but would rather give orders than receive them. They should avoid jobs that encompass too much routine, and should move toward jobs in which their self-reliance can be an asset.


Dragons like to spend money and are charitable themselves as well as with others. They do not know the meaning of the word "accumulate," and making money does not intrigue them as it may others. Many Dragons will take big chances with their finances, sometimes betting on their shirt and losing it right off of their backs. Yet, they were born with the Midas Touch, and it very rare that a Dragon remains poor for long. Dragons will always be straightforward in financial dealings and can always be trusted.


Those born in the Year of the Dragon also share the same kinds of goals and objectives in life. The occupations best suited for the Dragon are listed below:


* Computer analysts
* Inventors
* Engineers
* Architects
* Lawyers
* Philosophers
* Psychoanalysts
* Brokers
* Managers
* Salepeople
* PR People
* Advertising agents
* Officers in the armed forces
* Campaigners
* Politicians


Since Dragons are born under the same Animal sign, they often share likes and dislikes. Following are similar likes and dislikes of the Dragon personality:

Color Preference: Greenish-Blue

Gems and Stones
: Opal, Sapphire, Amber

Suitable Gifts
: Tarot cards, camera, a copy of the I Ching, mirror, a family crest, mobile phone

Hobbies and Pastimes
: Computer programming, public speaking, fossil hunting, astrology

Dragons Dislike
: Taking orders, unnecessary bureaucracy, discounted ideas, people who don't give 100%


Dragons are attracted by the bizarre. No self-respecting Dragon desires to walk in a tourist's footsteps. Instead, they take a lot of gratification in finding hidden destinations, or, closer to home, locations off the beaten track. But Dragons also need thrills, which they might find by taking an unplanned winter break to go skiing or a spontaneous rock climbing trip in the spring. They may even test their bravery by daring to ride the highest roller coaster in the world. Dragons are also sentimental at heart, so conquering their childhood haunts, or taking a second honeymoon would bring immense pleasure too.


Dragons are usually popular people, but because of their personalities, they seem to gather as much criticism as they do esteem. Due to their tumultuous temperaments, Dragons are not the most sensitive friends to those in need of a shoulder to cry on. Those who truly know the Dragon know he is a loving soul who will become your best ally in times of need. Once the dynamic Dragon has given his friendship, he will not let his friends down and will never falter in his allegiance to his companions. To a Dragon, a friend is a friend for a lifetime. Incredibly honest, Dragons are known for sincerity and are trusting souls. Because of this honesty, Dragons don't realize others may not demonstrate or uphold the same codes of ethics. Making the discovery that they placed their trust in someone who is dishonest makes the Dragon person quite sad, yet much more perceptive for future encounters.

Compatible Friends

Best Friends: Rats and Monkeys

Mortal Enemy: Dogs


Negatively, Dragons are egotistical and love to be the center of attention. Modesty is not one of his assets. Add to that the Dragon temper and you have a bossy, dominating and authoritative being. They hate solicited advice and can be hopelessly tactless and insensitive to their lovers.


People love Dragons so much because they are generous, charismatic, irresistible, and so brave that standing beside them banishes fear. They generate excitement and turn heads anywhere they go. They are free-spirited and impulsive and can help others achieve their dreams. Others love to be around Dragons because they have a way of making people feel better. Dragons are quick to fall in love, but do not surrender their independence easily leaving most of them to live life by themselves. Yet, an smart, witty, and funny companion may intrigue the Dragon long enough to make him want to get married. And once the Dragon becomes committed, he is unlikely to ever leave.

It takes someone with thick skin who is easygoing to be a Dragon's partner, because, despite their sentimental characters, they can be moody, and insensitive. Many people will want to run when the Dragon's temper is provoked. Chinese horoscopes are very specific about which partnerships have the potential to be successful in love and in business. Yet, though destiny can point us in the right direction, we must still make all efforts to maintain loving relationships. Following is a brief description of how a Dragon will affect a relationship with other Animal signs.


Leonine Dragon
The Lion is King of the Western zodiac and the Dragon is the sign of the Emperor. Leo Dragons have an innate sense of royalty; thus they are born leaders. They are flashy and like to show-off, but their kindness and zest for life make them fascinating.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Series II-Revelations about life

Hm...this is most probably the last thing I would be doing on the internet in 2006.The second series which concluded on Friday was a great disaster and gave many new insights in to my own level of performance and capacity.

I had thought better of my academic performance.I believed that after 10th I had learnt a lesson and studying would not be a big matter if I did it on the night before the exams.But once again I was rudely reminded that it was luxury enjoyed by the traditionally scoring('padipist') people of the world.

My lethargy was boosted by 2-3 projects which I had taken up for the college.The main cause was my indulgence in the portal project.I was over-enthusiastic and wasted the time meant for academic purposes on that stupid thing(actually i love it)...

I don't know what I did all these days skulking in front of that damned system either playing games,or holed up in some website or chatting.After hours of sitting in front of that contraption,I seemed to be always attracted to another one...TV.Hence my life was literally swallowed up by these 'smart machines'.

Whenever I think of the computer as a trouble my mind tells me 'You are meant to sit in front of this thing your entire life if you need to live'.That makes me forget the anger i had against this thing.

During this series I saw the return of old enemy,Mathematics.I had scored well in the first series so maybe i had lowered my defense.That led to me being caught me unawares.I have started planning my next move to prevent myself from being clean bowled or I would like to say neatly speared by this horrible subject.

Almost all my classmates are comfortable with maths or even experts in it.It is known that engineering students are generally good in maths with an exception of a few like me.

This time not only my preset jobs but also the KSEB cheated me out of my escape.The night before the DE/DMS exam was completely dark with the power failing form 8-10.30 the time when I ever mind to open books.To add to that,I had been with the system till 7.45 and then from 10.45 to 11.30.Hows it?I cannot blame the KSEB alone for that can I?With just an hour's study I could have converted DMS into another above 40 paper but finally I myself stuck the dagger into my heart by making it a below 25 paper.

Now we are going to have internal lab exams next week onwards.The once thing that I need for success apart form records and study...is my confidence and determination.I am half way through stocking i up and while doing that my entire visions of future unfolds before me.I drift into dreams about thing that I do in future and all the time my grit and determination is stock piling.

I am putting myself into mission mode from now on.Nothing can stop me once I have set my eyes on a goal.I will not perish without a fight.I will not let my dark side rule me.

Life is a battle and I am soldier who fights to win.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Birthday Blues

My birthday was yesterday,that is 10th Aug.I am posting things about yesterday and today as a day.

Many people knew my birthday was around just because I am very famous in Orkut(you know it don't you?).That day my first birthday wish came from Moosa(Srijith) by sms.At that time I was downloading a game.Then,Anil called me to wish,during breakfast.

While coming to college,no one knew it was my birthday,not even Manu and Luka(even though he heard it the day before).Then when the bus finally got crowded at Vytilla,Syama blasted the bomb by announcing it was my birthday.Then there was the ominous hue that usually follows a secret blown away!!!

After reaching college,I managed to reach class after being recognised by only Asha and Reshma.In the class some of them identified because i had told them and the rest remembered from Orkut.One by one people came and wished and asked for treat.Then Bonny came and someone told him it was my birthday ,but he didn't believe and he told me- "Kadi is keeping a card in his hand..is it because of that?"
It was a boring morning as I had finished all homeworks (I woke at 2am and did everything).

During the lunch break,just as I was about to leave class,Kadi came forward and in his usual loud belching voice called out;"Today is Vivek's birthday and we are gifting him this", and he handed over a card with 'Surprise' written on it.Everyone clapped and then they gave me birthday bumps.I went out to have lunch at 'Hotel.com'.Thats when I spotted Kadi ahead of me entering the hotel.I thought of escaping,then I decide that I need not worry,so I went to have lunch.Thats when the heavens opened up and the people were caught unawares.I saw Moosa and Manuraj coming in the rain holding some posters over them(funny sight it was...)
Then I persuaded Arun george of ECA to get me back to college in his umbrella(poor guy).After reaching college I came out to have lunch after rains stopped.

Then in the lab we had unexpected guests as the first batch students came to the electrical machines lab.After sometime we came to know that they had come to have the senate election.It was quite fun...the boys voted for Boby and Nikul as a majority(it was set up).The other candidates were Adeena and Nirmal.

Nirmal didn't want anyone to vote for him...so he received only 3 votes from the 88 ones.So the tight competition was between Nikul-Boby and Adeena-Boby teams.The former pair won at last.

Then in the lab..we had a bad day with the Bindu miss asking tough questions about our experiment..and we were not fully prepared.At the table,we could quite easily set up the circuit(I had to do it myself, with some support from Stan).Syama and Vinson were just standing aside looking at the circuit diagrams(no hard feelings...).
After connecting,Vinod sir came and made some wire tranfers and then asked Stan to test ....and when he did...the ICDP fuse got burnt.Then sir took up the elaborate task of reconnecting it and checking connections and telling us about the problem with the auto transformer.

Then everything went well and we did the second one too, with the help of Leena miss.Finally when book had to be corrected, my graph was adjusted and other things done..but i forgot to write result in the very first experiment...and i got A grade whereas the lazy people like Syama got A+.So I decided not to do the circuits anymore..let them do it..anyway they are getting the marks(I really get upset when hard work doesn't pay!!).

Then I made a mistake..............I left my precious MS991 calculator in the lab.I didn't notice it until I reached home.I got it back 3 weeks later(that was the second one I missed,I was worried!).After lab,when rains stopped I took Stan to Netsavvy to get a grape juice as treat..but grape was finished and Stan said he doesn't drink mango juice..so we went to Shamla..to have a soda lime.Then we returned to Netsavvy where Moosa ,Sandeep and Syama were waiting.They got mango juices and sat there chatting and drinking for some time,when Roopasree and Serene passed by.I invited them and offered a mango juice.They all had their fill and we were all about to leave when Neethu came by.I excused myself and then we went the college in the heavy rains,me and Sandeep in an umbrella..with Syama and Moosa in other.Then Syama,Moosa,and me kept the bags in already filled bus.

After coming home..i set out for the usual net programs.. till night 8.30 when I remember that I had ET assignment to do..then I quickly got the papers and started writing.But i felt sleepy by 10.30 and then kept alarm for 2am,and read Digit till 11.30(could have completed assignment by then that too in a beautiful way).I woke at 5am and started writing assignment and in between came to download 2 files of 95.8 mb each of WWI game from forumw.org 's links through Rapidshare.

I managed to finish majority of the assignment by breakfast time..and rushed to college..and after reaching there I found no one was willing to draw the infamous diesel engine power plant for me.Many people like me were doing the assignment.But I skulked back and so had to sit throughout lunch break to finish it.In the lunch break I gave treat to Emil and then Aravind and Cijo.After break,when Rajesh sir didn't come for sometime,I went to Netsavvy wth George and gave him his treat.Then we entered the lab,to check Google Adsense with Aneesh.Then he showed his home and navigated through some boring place in Wikimapia.He showed me the forums he had created and kept on bragging about the money had earned in Adsense(exactly $13.99 then,$14 now).

Then Melvin called Anil to tell that sir was coming and we rushed to class and entered the class late.I found that my place was taken and I had to take the front seat alone.Someone had misplaced my buks and I had no calculator..I thought I had it today.When I entered Rajesh sir was explaining something and asked a question to the class and was getting angry...and got some students to stand and answer...many didn't and he was angry that comp science students do not study anything.Then he asked me too for the answer and I managed to cook up something which I had heard last year from Syama.He was satisfied(phew...!!!) and explained more about transistors and other things...quite interesting class this sir makes of ECT...

Then we got out of the class and went to the bus and found seat.Then Sandeep came and told that ECT lab work was to be done for Monday and he gave me a rough record that Nikhil Thomas had given then..when I was in lab in ECT period.

I have that work to do for this weekend and my brother is coming..as usual I am expecting a bandwidth overflow..but this time he may also cause my old HDD to be replaced with a brand new 160 GB sataII HDD and old intel 845 motherboard replaced by a new 945 or 915 with change in processor and a dvd writer as well..

Well that for this week or maybe this month..Anyway this was the best birthday I had,because there is no one at home to celebrate.

And I became 18 this year.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Google,my favorite

Just see the way google goes.Everyday they bring out something new and interesting.As a computer engineering student,I am very much enthusiastic about google.Here are some services provied by Google.
1)Google Search(best search engine ever)
2)Gmail(most secure mail service,which incorporates mail chat)
3)Google Desktop Find all your information, whether it's on the web or stored on your computer, from one convenient location
4)Google Groups 2 Create and join searchable discussion groups and mailing lists
5)Google Talk(chat messenger,ligh and user friendly)
6)Google Notebook (clip and collect information as you surf the web)
7)Google Trends (gives search trends for specific keywords..superb)
8)Google Toolbars for IE and Firefox
9)Google Safe Browsing for firefox
10)Google Video(searches for video,tv program on the net)
11)Google Page Creator(helps build simple web pages)
12)Google Reader( Use Google's web-based feed reader to keep up with what's important to you)
Google Web AcceleratorSave time online by loading web pages faster
Google Ride FinderFind a taxi, limousine or shuttle using real time position of vehicles
Google MarsView some of the most detailed maps of Mars created by NASA scientists
Google SuggestAs you type your search, Google offers keyword suggestions in real time
Froogle Mobile US | Froogle Mobile UK Search for products from your mobile phone using Froogle
Google SetsAutomatically create sets of items from a few examples
Google News Alerts Specify a topic and receive email updates when news breaks
Google Glossary Find definitions for words, phrases and acronyms
Search by Location Restrict your search to a particular geographic area
Web Alerts Find out about new web pages on a topic of interest
Google ScholarSearch through journal articles, abstracts and other scholarly literature
Google MapsView maps, get driving directions, and search for local businesses and services.
Personalize Your HomepageSee information you care about on your Google homepage
Personalized SearchGet the search results most relevant to you
Picasa Picasa Find, edit and share your photos
Translate View web pages in other languages
29)University Search Search a specific school's website
Book Search Search the full text of books
Images Images Search for images on the web
32)Google SketchUp-helps you to make 3D model of landscapes and allows to upload to Google Earth...
33)Google spreadsheet-A wonderful online tool which allows you to create and maintain spreadsheets online.All features of MS Excel too are evident!

Well these are not all,just few.Individually,these may seem to useless to a common user,but when integrated they make one helluva software.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday's Chores

Today i have to finish electronics first module and return the book to Saji.Soon this week itself,Manu will come to have combined studies for FE2.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

MECCSA,Google and Yahoo Answers

This is my first blog and I am now busy preparing for university exams and in the mean while I have 3 other jobs,check mail,MECCSA my college group and Yahoo answers.