Sunday, November 09, 2014

bloggers blah

I have been finding myself thinking on and off about something.

Who are we bloggers?  What is our role in all the noise of stuff that you see all around you. I hope we need not argue on the fact that there really is all the noise of opinions, judgements, facts and portrayals and  frankly lack of truth or relevance is the last reason for someone to stop reading an article.

We stop reading for various myriad reasons, and in our busy lives with hardly any time to spare for actual reflection on someone's opinions to form one for ourselves, it has become so norm that only the better 'decorated' content stays in limelight and can impact opinion making.

Hence I personally like to keep the opinions to a crowd of limited eager readers that can actually reflect the content and make opinions for myself.

But off late I have been unable to produce written stuff, and I have been giving myself lots of reasons and excuses. While I know I don't have to give myself an excuse for what I started on my own choice, sometime the thought that the innocent and sometimes erudite pleasure of writing blogs would be forgotten by disuse.

But I saw some videos and Vlogs( Video blogging ) on many social issues and could only smile because most of them were just about stating the person's views, however poorly placed they might be or appropriately timed to ride the wave of popular events in social media. If such content can make its rounds deep into the social network, I said I should just go ahead with whatever I have in my mind. Though this new unseen kind of gnawing or rather sudden reordering of priorities make it imperative to find new strategies to keep afloat and cut down the sword arm itself in a grand swish once the veil is lifted :)

Mood quotient: Exam morning. Jaane kya hoga. Playing "Banjare" from Fugly. "Donno which way to go, aage hoga kya" mixed with clarity of Design Patterns images, clubbed with images of departing memories and curiosity of events ahead :)