Monday, November 04, 2013

yay Liebster award

After all these years, finally my blog starts getting some popularity, thanks to all the motivation I get from writers like Ragini Puri and many others in Indiblogger.

I was super excited to see the comment on a post by Nikhil, the writer of Aficionado in which he nominated me for the Liebster awards. I am deeply honoured and would happily like to pass it on.

Hold your horses. What is a Liebster award?

The Liebster Blog Award: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely. Started in Germany(probably) & is used to highlight new/recent/lesser known blogs or let say blogs with less than 200 followers.(Though the original rules have changed a bit, the purpose is same - highlight fellow blogger's works and appreciate each other's works)

How does it work?
*   Link back to the persons blog that have nominated you
*   Nominate 10 more bloggers whom you feel are deserving of more subscribers & you pass the award on to them.
*   Answer all questions posted by the nominator
*   Create 10 questions for the nominees
*   Contact the nominees and let them know that they have been nominated for the Liebster

Here are my answers to the questions created by Nikhil.

 1) In a dilemmic situation , would you listen to your heart or your brain & why?

 In such a situation, I would always listen to my brain, because in dilemma I know the chemical locha always make the heart wavering and jumpy. The adrenaline and the endorphins can't be trusted for decision making.

2) Choose between an “Unlimited internet connection for a month” & “1 month of your favorite food delicacy”?

Undoubtedly the first. 

3) 5 rare random facts that most people don’t know about you?

a) I look aloof and serious most of the times, but my mind keenly watches people and studies them deeply.
b) I get very angry/hurt when I feel that people are ignoring me, especially when I am 'trying' to be noticed. But the feeling is usually fleeting as I regain my composure fast and go on with life happily.
c) I am afraid of many things, but rarely I show it or succumb to it. But when others struggle with same fears in front of me, I try to help without revealing my own fears.
d) I am a sarcastic idealist, who believes in no person, but mankind as a whole.
e) I roam the digital underworld in various pseudo names sourcing information and social behaviour patterns. I intend to include them in my book (which I will write for the future generations to read :-D )

4) Fictional character(from a book/movie/tv show) that you think closely resembles you.

Very difficult question, as I imagine myself as every single fictional character I find interesting.

I prefer to call myself "Me", the fictional character I used to created for playing under the shower. This character had a very simple power. "He could do whatever he wanted." Ha.. the adventures of "Me" were infinite, but they lasted for a few years, after which the water scarcity in Kochi was reduced to some extent.

5) Congratulations , you have been just given the opportunity to travel back in time. Which year or occasion & why?

Any moment before 1988 10 August, because then I could see my parents before I happened to them. :D LOL

6) Coke or Pepsi?

Tch tch.. junk food all of them. And who wants to add to the fortunes of the multinationals anyway? But Pepsi would be the answer here..

7)First thing you would do if you win the lottery (amount can be the maximum you can think of right now):D


8) One thing that annoys you the most?

Not being able to speak and act my mind sincerely without fearing repercussions.

9) Something that you would love to do but are too afraid to?

Resign my job. Travel. Fall in love. Climb some risky peaks. Question the mindset of the society and do some sensible cleanup of my own..

10) A superpower or a lot of money….and justify your choice?

Superpower (which involves ability to produce wealth, and the money would be of no more significance, will it? Ha, last laugh is mine)

And.. presenting.. my nominees

Neenu KJ


Get cracking on these..

1)  Life full of tough decisions that might pay well (money,satisfaction,happiness) or a life of easy decisions? And why?

2) Your biggest regret?

3) Cat or dog?

4) Would you survive a zombie attack? If so describe how.

5) Do you believe in love at first sight?

6) You wake up to realize that your entire life so far was just a dream. Your reaction?

7) First word that comes to your mind on seeing the pattern "--*--*--"

8) The farthest and nearest place in your bucket list.

9) What stops you from being what you want to be?

11) Find the mathematical mistake in this post.

That's all folks!

It feels wonderful to be appreciated and recognized for your work and its even more wonderful to spread this feeling to others..

bon writing :-)


  1. Hahaha....witty answers indeed!
    Loved 'em.:D
    Congratulations once again Vivek!:)
    Keep Blogging!
    Write on.:)

  2. Hey vivek...congrats n thanks for the award....have answered you questions:))

  3. It's always pleasure to meet a blogger from Kerala :-) Congrats on your leibster... I too recieved my first leibster recently