Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rains Kiss Mysore

First rains kiss Mysore.

Mother nature kissed her charming child with a beautiful shower and smothered it with a blanket of fog.
The air is filled with a strange aroma and the striking hills of Chamundi stand out at the horizon.

The roads were overflowing, and the hearts of people were too.

Many complained of the dirt and dampness early morning,
while many welcomed the break from the moderately hot climate.

But I loved it, simply loved it.
Getting wet and dirty in the rains
its simply.. no words. :D

I will sing 'rain rain come again..'
take me with you..
wash me away
along with the dirt.

But you can't beat my dear hometown,
coz the Queen's rains are much more dear to me,
entangled in the memories of childhood.

Oh rain I love you,
Oh I love you,
but now I have
work to get back to.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blogging via mail

I hate blogging via mail( text formatting becomes weird ).But as and many such sites are blocked at office( and without a good proxy ), I am left with no other options to
answer the call of the blogger.

I really wish that they unblock these sites. But then, if they did, they can be assured that the likes of me would be utilizing it fully. :D

Workaround and hacks are always present for me to try :D :D
For now, I just hope they do unblock more sites of my choice :D :P

Life is a Dance of Colours
Diverse Shades make it a Masterpiece

Sunday, March 21, 2010

2 states 2 good

My latest read is the '2 States' by Chetan Bhagat.
Many friends had claimed it to be an absolute must-read,but I managed to get my hands on it last week only.

Though I left it initially,after the first 3-5 pages, I picked it up again today afternoon. This time I managed to read half of it before the IPL matches distracted me till 10pm. And after that, I must confess that I was enjoying every page I read, enjoying all the drama and comedy in typical Punjabi and Tamil families( I must say I connected more to the latter).

I laughed so loud at the mickey mouse part, that I heard my roommate grumble something, obviously awaken from his sleep.

Chetan really has done a good job of bringing to life the daily drama of families so deeply sunk into their own traditions, that vary by huge degrees across the nation.

Hailing from a traditional Tamil Iyer family myself, and having witnessed a couple of mixed arranged-love marriages (that too with a wide range of communities), I was really able to connect to the incidents at the marriage. Kudos to Chetan for painting those scenes with humour. They are really perplexing and tense situations for some people, but some make it really jovial, and I mean in real life. The Kashi Yathra part too made me guffaw .

Overall a good read and made me think of how things might have been in such weddings in my family and what all the boy and girl would have gone through to get it done. Also,it threw many pointers for future ;)

Now off to start on a journey with Eric Newby to the Hindu Kush...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Do you read this?

I was just going through my previous posts.
And it made me wonder. Who reads all this ****?
There is neither a narrative nor a plot for the things I have posted previously.
It talks about something very crudely and goes on adding points about it.
Absolutely unreadable.

I would to like improve the quality of contents and also the styles. Any suggestions?
I am open to design changes as well.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Me and Hockey

Many people question me or look at me questioningly when I mention my support for the game of hockey, or talk about the plight of the game in India.
Many have asked whether I am mad..and why I support the supposedly 'stupid' game. My blood boils when I hear the dumbos speak up against such a fine game..themselves being idle followers of the foolish game of cricket.

I was trained in Hockey in my school by a Mr.Shenoy. That is all I know of him, and that he used to be a top-notch player in his days. He was around 50 years old when he used to be hockey coach of our school. A man of perfection and excellently fit, he made his boys play hard and everyone loved him for that.
I was in my 8th grade when I was under his supervision, but being stockily built, I found it hard to find the forward positions and played the fullback position. But, as it happens, I couldn't manage to secure my position in the school team, but made it a point to watch as many matches and play as many practice matches as possible. I enjoyed trying out scoops and passes after school hours.
But, my tenure with hockey came to a grinding halt(as with all my sporting and extra-curricular activities) when my academics took a bad turn. Also, Mr.Shenoy left our school the very next year. Since then, I had not played a single hockey game, and sadly not met not more than a handful of 'real' hockey enthusiasts.

My brother too used to play under Mr.Shenoy, but he played much longer..into his college days and won many a tournaments as well. His hockey stick, that lies around his room always reminds me of Mr.Shenoy and makes me wonder whether I should have stuck to the game.

Anyway, my love for the game remains, and the plight of it pains me. I wish I could find some one to play a game with( might as well be a dream for some time). Having played it, I find it physically challenging and highly enjoyable, compared to the lazy game of cricket.

Thank you Mr.Shenoy(gee..I don't even know his First Name,but as he is a popular figure, I will get to know sooner or later), for introducing me to this wonderful game. The last I saw him was at Fort Kochi a couple of months back, training a batch of students. I had gone there for chilling out, and by chance caught a glimpse of him from a distance. I was surprised at his dedication and commitment to the sport.A great man, who is one of my role models.
I miss his popular chiding remarks,"Idiot International", "Attapaadi Adivasi" and "Foolback".

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Requiem for a Dream

Dreams are awesome things, that bring out an ocean of thought, emotions, aspirations, fears and long lost memories into one saucy mix. I am speaking about the dream that you see when you are sleeping, not the one which doesn't allow you to.

One bad thing with dreams are that, however awesome they are, we lose them from our head, when we wake up and our brain starts working on real stuff. I have had many such dreams, where in I wished I could simply get back to sleep and continue with it, rather than get up and go to college or school. I read in some article that brain loses dream memory incrementally, after we wake up and concentrate on other stuff, like coffee or other things around us. It usually vanishes within half an hour of waking up,but really subject to the intensity of mental activities we carry out.

So, what to do to maintain the memories of a great dream? Write it down!! That is the best solution I have found yet. I mean writing onto a book, as typing it usually has the same detrimental effect as other things have. I tried it out today with an awesome dream, and found that I could capture more than 90% of the plot, along with the thoughts and fears of the author( written in 1st person,as all dreams are ). I am pretty satisfied with my work, and so decided to write down whatever I remember of all good stories/plots that come up in future.

I was really amazed at the power of our brain, which I had previously worshiped without experiencing it.

So.. dream on ppl... have a nice time! I might decide to publish the draft dream sometime later, here or somewhere else,as it is quite lengthy, with its drama,inspirations,suspense plots and fears.