Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rains Kiss Mysore

First rains kiss Mysore.

Mother nature kissed her charming child with a beautiful shower and smothered it with a blanket of fog.
The air is filled with a strange aroma and the striking hills of Chamundi stand out at the horizon.

The roads were overflowing, and the hearts of people were too.

Many complained of the dirt and dampness early morning,
while many welcomed the break from the moderately hot climate.

But I loved it, simply loved it.
Getting wet and dirty in the rains
its simply.. no words. :D

I will sing 'rain rain come again..'
take me with you..
wash me away
along with the dirt.

But you can't beat my dear hometown,
coz the Queen's rains are much more dear to me,
entangled in the memories of childhood.

Oh rain I love you,
Oh I love you,
but now I have
work to get back to.


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