Sunday, March 21, 2010

2 states 2 good

My latest read is the '2 States' by Chetan Bhagat.
Many friends had claimed it to be an absolute must-read,but I managed to get my hands on it last week only.

Though I left it initially,after the first 3-5 pages, I picked it up again today afternoon. This time I managed to read half of it before the IPL matches distracted me till 10pm. And after that, I must confess that I was enjoying every page I read, enjoying all the drama and comedy in typical Punjabi and Tamil families( I must say I connected more to the latter).

I laughed so loud at the mickey mouse part, that I heard my roommate grumble something, obviously awaken from his sleep.

Chetan really has done a good job of bringing to life the daily drama of families so deeply sunk into their own traditions, that vary by huge degrees across the nation.

Hailing from a traditional Tamil Iyer family myself, and having witnessed a couple of mixed arranged-love marriages (that too with a wide range of communities), I was really able to connect to the incidents at the marriage. Kudos to Chetan for painting those scenes with humour. They are really perplexing and tense situations for some people, but some make it really jovial, and I mean in real life. The Kashi Yathra part too made me guffaw .

Overall a good read and made me think of how things might have been in such weddings in my family and what all the boy and girl would have gone through to get it done. Also,it threw many pointers for future ;)

Now off to start on a journey with Eric Newby to the Hindu Kush...


  1. Hi,

    Came here via neel's blog...reading this one next...good reviews everywhere!

  2. Even i enjoyd readin '2 states'..
    Comedy n drama combined vid his unique style..!!! :)