Friday, January 01, 2010

The <unnamed> are here

Melcow to the new decade, the noughties are all gone and here come the <unnamed> decade
('Twenty-tens' is what Wikipedia suggests)

So,here I am in the new day of a new year of a new decade,doing nothing 'new'.
I would have ideally posted here at zero hour,but at that time I was in a location where it would not have been possible.

So,where WAS I for the new year eve? Well, I was inside a Karnataka State Rajahamsa bus,enroute to Ernakulam. So, I plainly sent some messages to a few friends(as phone's battery died soon after) and wished nearby passengers and a couple of friends who were travelling with me. Gee...

Though its a fact that a new year has begun, its jubilation and the feeling is experienced only when greeting someone,telling someone about the past year and what to expect from the new one or while checking the last four digits of any date. It might mean two things: Either that the year change is not a big deal or that its big deal is greeting friends/relatives/acquaintances and the memories of past v/s expectations about future.

Anyway for me, compared to all previous year shifts(which just meant some holidays) 2009 to 2010 is pretty significant. This again is caused by the significance the past year has in my life and that the new one might have. 2009 will always remain in my memories and my heart as the year I stepped out of college, my hometown and stepped into corporate life at a far place,that too pretty much isolated. It had those moments and situations in my life which I will always recall and draw inspiration/wisdom from. It brought me its own share of good and bad times,but I believe it ended in a pretty good note for me.

This period is a crux in my life as these days would be pivotal in deciding many things not excluding career. I expect 2010 to bring in its own share of good and bad things( bad things preferably less). Its a time to get decisive and bold in my outlook as well as actions. So far so good,but I guess part of my yet-to-be-uncovered new year resolution is to be more clear and bold about what I should do with things around me. I yearn to have more grip on the sails and the rudder than I have now.

Anyway, I wish all my friends,well wishers and people who don't fall into either of these category too.. A super-duper-wooper-cooper-grand-blasting-power packed new year. Let all your aspirations and dreams come true.. fly like free birds on a mission ;)

Btw did you people notice and enjoy yesterday's full moon and today's awesome sunrise. Both were superbly awesome sights to behold. The fact that they denoted the end of a decade and beginning of a new one just added to the magic of the sight.Inexplicable!

Au revoir..


  1. the new decade is the tweenies(reminds me of how similar it sounds to twitter.. maybe its the decade of the twitter)... hope u have a glorious year which will propel you to height that u wanted to attain and make all your far fetched dreams come true :P

    btw.. interesting fact about the full moon and the sunrise.. i did notice both but didnt put any significance to it until u just pointed out.. i guess u did have time to think a lot during ur bus trip here :P

  2. heya!
    i was on the beach on new year at vyppin. great moon. i know!