Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mysore sightings

Today as I returned from office,there was no power. So, I decided go for a short walk.
So I set out,with a 50 rupee note in one pocket of the pyjama and my phone in the other,listening to music via headset.
I traversed the dark lanes and roads in our locality observing what the people were doing at powercut time. Some had emergency lights on and were having family meets.Others were unaffected by the powercut and happily watching TV on invertor supply.

Many others were simply sitting outside,or at the junctions chatting away or having a cup of tea. I walked past all these people happily. I passed by many people working at Infy or L&T returning from their offices,with the ID cards showing out clearly in the dark.

Anyway I soon left the lanes and hit the road,the dusty and under construction road. Had to cover my mouth and nose while passing through. The atmosphere there looked as if someone had put smoke effects,light bending and shadows forming here and there.

I moved on and on,onto the main road( called Double High Tension Road ). It is a fairly clean and calm road. So I broke into a slow jog and broke up when I went out of breath.I did it 2-3 times,so as to avoid putting too much pressure on my body at first itself.

Soon I reached a junction which I had never visited before. So from there I started guessing routes and went ahead. I explored around 2-3 new lanes and routes (going in circles). Only once I had to confirm my path with a shopkeeper. I managed to see many new shops, offices etc in my locality which I never knew. I also passed by a family feud on the road. People on vehicles were stopping to listen to what was going on,whereas I blissfully broke into a jog right through the fighting family putting up a smile in case someone gave me a stare or cursed in Kannada( the former might have happened,but definitely not the latter ).

A light breeze was blowing by the time I stopped jogging and decided to take it easy and walk back home. Also, some great tracks were being played at that instant from my phone.Ah,pure bliss..."Yaaron ye dosti.." by K.K was the only one which made me sad and miss my friends..

On reaching home after the 40 mins stroll,I was planning to blog about it and do many other things. But what I saw there was that all houses were having power except ours(even 1st floor had). It took some good half an hour to fix it up and by that time I was starving. Got a couple of Foodles pack and prepared extensive meal :)
It was then that we were plunged in yet another powercut.But I managed to have my meal watching a Telugu movie on my lap in candle light :D

Finally now only I got the time to blog all this :D Pretty huge is it..? Thats how it is nowadays, a lot happening.Also writing being a passion to me, I don't look at the clock for it. :D

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