Friday, January 22, 2010

Vision and a track

Hi friends, today I had a vision and its somehow related to many things happening around me these days.

From the morning I was a bit disturbed and in doubt about some things. The day wore off like that without much to make a mark upon and suddenly I had this vision when I came back from office.

What I saw was a rocket flying into the outer space,loosing its boosters first and slowly its various parts,and finally the payload was remaining. Sort of as you see in Tom & Jerry...I wondered what it meant,because it just appeared out of nowhere but was so clear that I couldn't just ignore it. Then I saw a railway track come up in front of me, which seemed to extend into infinity,but on traversing somehow it crisscrossed itself many times.

Now,getting a fruitful message out of that ,which makes sense is the important and also the difficult task. And what I believe to be the message is:

Many things have contributed to my(the satellite) current position(the take off,the boosters,the secondary stuff). But these things can get you only so far. The work to be done by the payload/satellite is much different from that of the parts that fell away. And the fact that all those fell away just to make the payload reach the space, just emphasizes how important it is. Now that those parts have fallen off,the payload can take its path which is not exactly same as what it had traveled on so far . To fulfill its purpose,it needs to traverse a different route, perform different operations and completely de-allocate itself from any effect of the fallen parts.
The same way, many things in life have brought me to a position where I need to re-align my objectives, roles and most importantly, perspective. A necessary step of change, which could possibly alter the person who was working on getting the payload beyond earth's gravitation pull. He must now focus on making the payload do its work properly. I just realized that things may never be the same again. Its time to shift tracks.

Now this is where tracks in the vision come into the picture. Its unending , and its unknown. Its scary if you sit to think about it,but if you simply traverse it,you would soon intersect your own path,meaning you would meet old friends on the way, get back to old things for a while, be all that you were back in some other time. This made a good lot of sense to me as all pieces fell into their places perfectly.

I summed it up as: "Its time to leave behind some of the old things and move onto greater things. But never let go of some of the precious things of the past. You never know when you come across it in the journey of life". It feels just right.

I could have simply got to the point,but this is how it actually unfolded, and I believe that the beauty of simplicity is that sometimes it is coated with layers of complexity.


  1. so this is how visionaries think eh???
    sweet.. :)

  2. I loved the way you have unfolded things and derived a very insightful philosophical conclusion out of it :)