Wednesday, October 16, 2013

oh sweet mother in the heaven

what more do I need to offer
for you to shower ur nectar
for the pretty things I wish to forge

the music is there
the mad head shaking is here
and the frenzied prayer

I have but scribbled on the wall
but things are moving in a crawl
don't be so cruel..

the lights are dim
and the plates are clean
all that is awaited is the gleam

for you I shall embarrass myself before all
for you are the one who shall give me all
and am just awaiting your call

creativity, oh great mother of writers
will you not bless this critter
for to you is my fealty pledged.


  1. "creativity, oh great mother of writers" - Nice one!
    She is inborn in every human. We have to just make her grow :)

  2. that's true.. and I was ritualistically banging my head to get the remaining part of my story out :-)

  3. thanks Abhra Pal, I begin with a small idea and a line to scribble something :-) the entire poem looks shabby except for the original line :D

  4. The last stanza was really powerful. Great poem, lots of emotion.

  5. thank u for the encouragement, Alice :-)

  6. I am glad to tell you that ,I have nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award on my blog.:)
    Please check out the following link & go through the rules & guidelines for accepting the award.:)