Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Google,my favorite

Just see the way google goes.Everyday they bring out something new and interesting.As a computer engineering student,I am very much enthusiastic about google.Here are some services provied by Google.
1)Google Search(best search engine ever)
2)Gmail(most secure mail service,which incorporates mail chat)
3)Google Desktop Find all your information, whether it's on the web or stored on your computer, from one convenient location
4)Google Groups 2 Create and join searchable discussion groups and mailing lists
5)Google Talk(chat messenger,ligh and user friendly)
6)Google Notebook (clip and collect information as you surf the web)
7)Google Trends (gives search trends for specific keywords..superb)
8)Google Toolbars for IE and Firefox
9)Google Safe Browsing for firefox
10)Google Video(searches for video,tv program on the net)
11)Google Page Creator(helps build simple web pages)
12)Google Reader( Use Google's web-based feed reader to keep up with what's important to you)
Google Web AcceleratorSave time online by loading web pages faster
Google Ride FinderFind a taxi, limousine or shuttle using real time position of vehicles
Google MarsView some of the most detailed maps of Mars created by NASA scientists
Google SuggestAs you type your search, Google offers keyword suggestions in real time
Froogle Mobile US | Froogle Mobile UK Search for products from your mobile phone using Froogle
Google SetsAutomatically create sets of items from a few examples
Google News Alerts Specify a topic and receive email updates when news breaks
Google Glossary Find definitions for words, phrases and acronyms
Search by Location Restrict your search to a particular geographic area
Web Alerts Find out about new web pages on a topic of interest
Google ScholarSearch through journal articles, abstracts and other scholarly literature
Google MapsView maps, get driving directions, and search for local businesses and services.
Personalize Your HomepageSee information you care about on your Google homepage
Personalized SearchGet the search results most relevant to you
Picasa Picasa Find, edit and share your photos
Translate View web pages in other languages
29)University Search Search a specific school's website
Book Search Search the full text of books
Images Images Search for images on the web
32)Google SketchUp-helps you to make 3D model of landscapes and allows to upload to Google Earth...
33)Google spreadsheet-A wonderful online tool which allows you to create and maintain spreadsheets online.All features of MS Excel too are evident!

Well these are not all,just few.Individually,these may seem to useless to a common user,but when integrated they make one helluva software.

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  1. Super blog man!You have listed all the details og google services.