Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Co-ordination difficulties

I was just settling to learn ...and I trying the usual stuff of playing around with things around me :)

I was rotating my wrists and then fingers..but when I tried to rotate my two index fingers in opposite directions simultaneously,I simply got confused and in utter disarray.But individual rotations are perfect...only when these are done together...its almost I wondered what might be the reason...some kind of neural co-ordination problem i guessed...but is it only for me or for all ?

Many such co-ordination faults exists in normal human beings.But I wonder if overcoming some with huge effort is possible and if that is done,is there any benefit as in will it provide me with increased reflex or flexibility...its in doubt.

So,I left the studies(:( it is so tough to make me study...) and came over to blog about this new thought...and a search on Google gave me a research paper that talks a lot about such co-ordination effects being very useful to learn about brain functioning.Praise the Brain!!

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  1. you should have taken up biology after 10th :P . hee hee... next time try to swing ur hands in 2 opposite direction then u will understand how confusing it is.. all it needs is a focused mind but ppl like us are totally confused :D.

    and i sometimes wonder why the weirdest of ideas strike only when we finally sit to study :)