Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Infinite knowledge

This is not about acquiring infinite knowledge and the associated pleasures..this is about a thought I had...and connected with the following:

अप्र्व कोपि कोशोयम् विद्यते तव भारति|
व्ययते व्रिधिमायाति क्शयमाति सन्चयात्||

The meaning of this 'shloka'(from the 'Neethishloka' or some other that was in Sanskrit text) is as follows:
Strange is your treasury ,oh Bharathi(Goddess).
which expands on spending and shrinks on stockpiling.

If the reader knows a bit of Sanskrit,or has come upon this before..they can simply relish the fact..for the others.(if you haven't guessed what treasure we are talking about)..what we are talking about here is Knowledge..isn't it true that it shrinks if you stockpile and expands if you share it with others..and that is the same reason why we respect our teachers and learned people.

So,how come infinite knowledge is linked to this...?

Infinite knowledge or Omniscience is something you can dream about,only if you are into teaching and taking pains to share you knowledge with others.Only a person who knows the pleasure of sharing knowledge can explore things beyond a limit...even a person with specially modified brains has a limitation on ordinary levels....that is my point of all this...

So...learn,share and spread the light of knowledge all over the world...

Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu....

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  1. Nice work! Keep it up. You have given very nice and apt explanations as well.

    Just wanted to bring to your notice, there are a couple of typos in this particular verse. You may want to revisit that.