Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Early Morning Blog

Now this for a change. Waking up at six in the morning,shivering all over, I felt that today I will do something different for a change.
So, while bringing in my dry clothes, this idea to blog early in the morning came to me. So here I am..

So, what am I upto early morning on a weekday?? :)

Well, the matter is that I finally bought a new phone for myself. A 6303 classic Nokia phone is quite refreshing and was for a long time in the pipeline. It replaces my old 6060 phone,which would have been KIA if I had not decommissioned it soon enough.

With my new phone satisfying my needs to a good extend(3MP camera and music+gr8 battery), I have been busy fiddling with it.
The point of waking up early is to simply download a few videos,convert a few, and transfer them alongwith some more songs into my phone,to make it my entertainment hub. Huh,makes sense? It should.

The funny thing is,as I keep moving more and more media into the phone, more and more songs/videos appear in my mind and persuade me to find 'em and move 'em. (I am sure this is gonna happen only till the memory gets exhausted..which is just a few mbs away).
Anyway, it feels different to up early in the morning, and shivering a bit now and then while typing this. :D
Sayanora,have a gr8 day ahead for those who read this in morning, and good night to those who r basically nocturnal :D


  1. Hey cool.. congrats,.. :)
    The very thing that u wake up early morning is an achievement. with all the early morning cold getting out of bed is becoming increasingly difficult for me :P