Sunday, May 03, 2009

This summer

I gotto admit that this is the worst Summer holidays I ever had..out of college..out of job and out of contact from my closest friends...

Almost all of my friends are either at their native place or can't find time for some fruitful meetings. A visit to my native place albeit short, was interesting. I was able to link up with an old pal from school.

The heat is excruciating, but the boredom is even more painful. I wish I could get a handful of people of my age together, so that we can play some sports or go somewhere. Sadly, none of those plans are materializing, thanks to our university for ending all exams much earlier than others.

Nowadays its just some good IPL matches, a few trips of medium range for various errands and a few books that keep the boredom in check.

What could I wish for now...what could I.. hm...just that something interesting and exciting or rather adventurous comes that it keeps me occupied and on my toes.

Nothing much comes to my signing off..

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