Saturday, May 09, 2009


The old question is back..about video games and whether one is addicted to them..
I do play many variety of late even many small ones(BigFish or Popcap) to just pass hours and hours of idle time..
I don't mind clicking away doing silly tasks in those mania or frenzy type games..until it gives me a pain in the neck and back accompanied with maybe a headache :)

But now they are so mundane that I am feeling to switch to those shoot 'em gory games...and not to other genres like strategy. I credit this affection to my wish to move things fast..rather than sit along playing slowly..maybe because my mind is tending to drift away..

I wonder how much I am 'addicted'. As per comments of non gamers..I do belong to the slightly addicted class..but according to established gamers..I am sure I am just a guy passing off his spare time .. gladly ! :D

Anyway I have other tools at hand other than the computer and its games to keep me hopefully I would prove myself to be not as addicted as I think I am :P

Note: I had wondered why I blog all these things not even 2 out of 1000 people wud want to know abt..and the answer I see is the paragraph just above this one ;)

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