Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Martial me

Sudden thought came to continue my mansuria arts..but few minutes practice reminded me of the short term for which I had received training....wrong moves causing back aches and sprains..ouch..anyway nice to do some of them..missed them a lot.
Though there is daily simple stretches..kicks and forms were rather neglected and were contaminated and confused by moves from movies(that includes kopeira,shaolin,kick boxing,muay thai..etc).
Gotta learn ...cannot spare time and planning to get proper training..though that idea has been in my mind for some time now...
Also got to restart my cricket,hockey and badminton ventures..i used to a fairly good player ....

Donno why this thought comes now..at the middle of the night...when i have not yet touched cse for the test tomorrow .

Maybe because ,the almost inactive lifestyle of my college mates just ran its course and I want my instincts to return..or i can never be in peace with myself...

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