Thursday, May 01, 2008

Boring holidays

Phew finally sixth semester exams over...lasted one full horrible month.
Now I am damn bored.Nothing much to do.This was last month's net activity,the dips being exam days and when finally bandwidth became low.

I just have to work of putting downloads at 2 am,now that too automated,so no reasons to stay awake till 2.Still have to wake up at odd hours to put some downloads that can't be scheduled.
Ok,so I can keep myself busy from about 8.30 pm to morning 10 am.

Also,just check out this screenshot.Not much going on online.Orkut has become damn boring.Mail checking involves deleting a few spams daily and checking some odd mails.

Also not many games to play or movies to watch.I have some movies remaining to be seen,but not feeling to sit and watch them.Only thing that I watch daily is the two episodes of Naruto that I download each day.Hm...blogging is an option...but then I am on a power saving mode...minimal use of electricity and other resources.May even consider gardening or some sports(badminton today).

The IPL is also growing boring,except few matches.Looking forward to going to movies and long distance tours to kill the boredom.Also hope to learn a few things,technical and non-technical.Cya soon...


  1. so the lull starts all over again right.. almost same condition here and almost same plans... but my plans rarely work :D

  2. Plans are meant to be like that,partial outputs...

  3. using m$ windows ???
    aren't u a foss lover ?