Sunday, June 08, 2008

Its a beautiful sunday

Its a beautiful sunday over here in Cochin...the monsoon ..the slight shiver that it brings...the enchantng tip-tap of the rain lashing over the green terrain all over here...feels fresh and clean.
Had a troublesome power-cut till now ,which actually gave me a break from the usual routines and I managed to have a well-needed nap.It really helped compensate the after 2 am sleeping schedule that I follow nowadays,thanks to BSNL and Yahoo!.
2-3 things that came to my mind while watching the T.V and listening to the rain music was about how much I love or rather loved the rain,the greenery and the magic surrounding it.Though I have seen quite a lot of such nice monsoon seasons,and a few thrilling and exciting ones...each monsoon is really special even today.Earlier I said 'loved' not because I don't love it now,but because I have started to doubt whether the intensity has reduced in my life schedule....well cannot say its unnatural to occur...

There was this rather interesting news or rather documentary in NDTV just a few minutes back about the carbon footprint associated with do they contribute to carbon footprint(which has more to do with power consumption,industries,pollution etc)?After watching their explanation of it,I felt sort of guilty about the tonnes of mail that I own over many mail accounts,many made in my earlier days in the net.Strictly speaking,I use not more than 3 of them.
So,I am going to discontinue some of my email accounts,hoping that the space might be freed for other users to store mail(and reducing my guilt).Among the mails that I do use,the gmail account associated with this Blogger account is the one I frequently use and has the largest number of stored mails.

In fact,I even use it as a storage place for small files,neatly labeled and managed using many filters.To delete some of the old mails would be like burning some of my childhood photo albums..though not so old,I would like to remember some of my college days with these emails...later on in my life.But there is another factor that points against it,which is whether I would have to time to read through age old emails while engaged in work or higher studies..heh..there are conflicting views within me as a net/email addict(fan) about deleting blindly.So I am going to search through and delete some that I feel might be useless later on.

My room is not the best place for creative writing...its dark,hot,dirty and lacks proper ventilation due to certain design flaws.So I must take more precautions to reduce the carbon footprint caused by my inefficient existence in this part of the world(again...drowning into the magical tune of the rain outside...).

This is such a wonderful Sunday...I am going to make good decisions ...and save a few things I treasure....the rain,its memories..the trees,its life...its quality...adios amigos

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