Saturday, June 28, 2014

Being conscious

art is a form of consciousness

the more you feel conscious about the world around you, people and their perceptions and yourself, the more likely
you are to work on a piece of art, sooner or later.

practicing detachment from the regular rational cycle of daily chores and thinking allows your brain to explore that extra areas that reside in the fringes of your consciousness

the result of these if you begin wondering, is not just the creativity which is considerered as a magical elixir by many, but also helps in the ability to enjoy very rare and unique perceptions of almost everything around you.
If you observe passionate and genius artists, they are often very compassionate and capable of receiving a lot of contradictory emotions and perceptions and the work of art they produce is usually their reflections on these.
Drop your attachment to the daily chores you do. Let go of the daily anxieties and pursue something new. Trust me, its not boring to detach because you are going into a desolate zone, but a more fertile one. Once your mind is freed from the regular beaten path of your routines, it can expand according to its capacity and soon make you aware of many more things to engage with.  No words can help you until you take the plunge and let go.

Detach from your digital occupations. Because even when you are relaxed, your digital devices keep you tied to a small circle of actions to engage with. Go take a walk, keep you phone away and slowly release yourself from the small circle that your life is, and observe the world around you.
Check out this awesome article from the National Geographic about the "Ultimate Digital Detox- Walking"

I feel all the different paths in the world, science - both ancient and modern, martial arts, yoga, all forms of art, sportsmen, and so on follow their own steps, but eventually reach similar conclusions. Hence if you observe, people occupied in these areas tend to overlap their interests and perceptions during their lifetime.

Most importantly, try to let go of your expectations on yourself, especially your creativity. its like a shy baby. look away and it gets into action. Action by Inaction. now that gives it the zen touch it deserves.. sayanora..

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  1. gr8 articulated reality if we all can follow simple steps our stress & problems will be lessen. good wiishes.