Wednesday, April 24, 2013

more ramblings.

I am an introvert or rather I see introverted passion clinging onto me in various places.

First thing I felt to do when I realized this was to explore more as any introvert would do.

That is when I discovered labyrinths and mazes. Patterns, tips and tricks that normal people would have died to know and use. But as a new introvert I felt I had great power in my hand. But soon realized that introversion is such a phenomenon that it is designed to stop the use of such power. Quite like the old stories where great powers are hidden in such ways that they can' be used by evil.

But I really wanted to get back to the normal world and tell them what you can do by introversion. Many of my attempts turned futile as I realized how blind the extroverted world was. The respect for introversion increased manifold after such events. And soon, like an other introvert I shelved those passions, and tried to get on with 'normal' life.

I would like to borrow a quote from a Mamootty movie "The Truth"- 'Sathyathine ethu garthathil kondu moodi vechalum athu orikkal purathu varum.It is a cosmic law'(No matter which pit you bury the truth, it would come out one day.)

UPDATE: Owing to the last line, I am allowing this stupid article to be published.

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