Sunday, May 05, 2013

what I think and what I say

found this image while stumbling using stumbleupon, and hence thought this is the right time to write about this topic.

don't most of us really live our lives like this? I atleast feel, for the level of thinking I do, which is evident on my hair, I don't talk anything at all. Though some people take it as a social problem or inability to communicate or misunderstood as ego sometimes, the truth is exactly as shown in the image. Now, I don't downplay the problems above too, as they sometimes make us withdraw from talking about something we are very sure of.

But the point here is that our minds are like supercomputers having a hypersonic jet for service as well, travelling to any point in the universe as mapped in our minds in a fraction of a millsecond and get back and mix up stuff in ways never imaginable or coherently expressible in the society.

I have often, from my childhood wondered if its possible to tweak our brains to be able to record or communicate all this ground breaking thoughts in our heads to other individuals without being affected by awkward social customs, so that we can collaborate and create wonderfully new things. I still carry that doubt in my head. But with experience I have come to know of various people who either control their thoughts to what can be expressed. And there are some that try to expand their ability to communicate so that they can try to put a fraction of their mind out to the world.

I believe I belong to the latter category and have struggled a lot in bringing the information and things I  have discovered by myself to a state where I can talk about them with others. For this, I realized is that only a friend or friends who can understand the plasma state of stuff in your head can help you in converting and filtering them. I had one crazy one who is partially responsible for what I have become now.

We really need to find more people out there who can do this for us and start sharing our plasma state thoughts with them to create a lot of new and wonderful products. You never know what you end up producing. So get out there, talk to people about things that holds your attention, and makes you to do more than just think. You would surprised at the level of knowledge the person next to you might be withholding, just awaiting the right question from you. So lets meet and create a world of our own..

happy creating ..

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