Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Your own Social Network Doll House :)

Imagine all the social network tools we indulge ourselves with in day-to-day life. We have built ourselves a nice doll house to live a virtual life in.

There are so many and very few people have actual use and purpose for all these tools. Others just follow blindly the crowd.


The following analogies came into my mind while chatting about Quora with my friend whom I call Birdiee Didi.

To me, my bedroom is Grooveshark,my mp3 collection, the equally illegal movie collection and the music videos downloaded from Youtube. They help me sleep,relax and enjoy life.

I wake up to read news from nowhere. So my drawing room is Quora, nowadays. Used to be Yahoo answers once upon a time. But Quora beats Yahoo Answers hands down. It has everything akin to a newspaper except real news. Its all analysis and curiosity satisfying answers to the most itching questions of mankind. Quora is my drawing room because I feel like I have invited friends and people I know and discuss all kinds of topics that is of common interest. We end up chatting for hours together without even noticing the time.

Stumbleupon and Goodreads are like my reading room. I use them to explore and find experimental stuff that are of interest to me. I seldom discuss about these matters, but surely put lots of research time. Each wonderful page I stumble upon gets saved and savoured for a long time. Goodreads provides me the platform to plan my next reading and acquisition cycles. It allows me to sit on my chair dreaming about places I can visit, people I can meet, things I can experience and I end up planning adventures. But they all remain in their places once I leave the reading room.

Twitter, to me is like peeping out of the window into the streets. You watch the people pass by, seeing only a glimpse of their real lives and make impressions about pretty much everything about them from it. I also sometimes shout out random stuff that I am doing in my house to the street. Someone might cock their head and grin their teeth, while most of em just pass by without minding. Thats twitter in all senses to you.

Now, the king of it all, facebook. Facebook was a bit difficult to decipher. But I now believe it is like going to the market. You set out to buy something, but end up buying that and more. And sometimes you never buy what you intended to, but quite happily return buying something else. It is like a mad crowd out there. The hawker with the most attractive wares gets all the customers, and the others soon have to close shop. The attractive ones continue making waves in spite of not bringing in quality items for sale. And with all this money and attraction comes the dirty side of it too. Criminals, hypocrites,show-offs,mafia and what not.

I believe that was a very accurate depiction of what the social networking doll house looks like, in which we are all lifeless dolls, taking the form of lively ones in some imaginary world of ours :)

adios amigos..


  1. Awesome write up, that too in less than half an hour!!
    Precise and perfect analogies!! Loved the chaotic Facebook market.
    You should have more such inspirational conversations with Miss Birdiee.. ;-)

  2. haha that was nice man...Twitter was the best, spot on :D

  3. What a write up. You related social networking sites to places and things wonderfully. Awesome stuff!

  4. thank you all for your kind remarks :-)