Friday, May 10, 2013

all hail the rains

that was the best rain in recent times.. with the strong winds whooshing and swirling the thick clouds, covering up the entire view from the 10th floor windows.

We ran up to the roof top cafeteria in time to experience a wonderful sight with the cold spray drenching everyone up, and the heavy hailstones landing on anything exposed.

Soon people were running for cover as the crazy winds drove in large chunks of ice almost everywhere at dangerous velocities. The swirling wind kept up a blanket of fog all around and held everyone at awe.

The experience of getting drenched in a rapidly flooding and leaking cafeteria, with each window and shutter trembling loudly, threatening to tear off from its hinges - wonderful. It lasted for almost a whole half hour.

Now, after it all died out, all that remains is a broken company board and a thickly jammed Outer Ring Road outside Manyata!(The unbroken thick line of vehicles can stil be seen after more than an hour of the incident)

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