Friday, May 31, 2013

getting used to things?

Getting used is a very undervalued characteristic of human beings.

We get used to good things fast and makes us complacent. We even get used to bad things and don't react anymore.

Its important to get used to something to be really good and natural in it. In activities like sports and other matters that requires ease and experience to advance, "getting used to" is a good thing. You feel frustrated until you get used to it, and can't wait to move to next stage.

On the other side, getting used to even good things can make us complacent and brittle to changes. Change is a big phenomenon which will inevitably happen. So when it happens, the ones who are stuck to their seats hard will be the ones who would be hurt most when they get torn off it. For example when your strict daily routine is broken by an event in life, you feel frustrated, confused and out of place and struggle until you settle in the new routine.

So getting used to things and getting unused to certain others is best imagined as a sine wave sort of phenomenon in an average person's life. A life with fluctuations is what gives it the pulse, else it would be blank as a calm ocean, good only for a short period.

Each time we are in the 'getting used to' phase, we feel short handed and powerless, and each time we perform activities to which we are 'used to', there is no separation and no more detachment from activity.

So get used to such ramblings :P adios!

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